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Sidney D Torres IV

Bio The Deed on CNBC Season 2 premieres O6/13/18

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No matter what you're making or doing, you must have these three traits to be a successful serial entrepreneur. Do you have what it takes? 💪🙏

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Excited to share with you my first home that I purchased in 1998 . It was a beautiful home with so much potential but located in a neighborhood full of crime and prostitution. At the time, I couldn't afford to buy it but the original owner financed it to me. After a quick renovation, years of living in a small room on the 2nd floor while having the rest of the house operate as a bed-and-breakfast and sleeping in my truck for special events to generate cash to make payroll, I renovated the house into my private home in 2008 . It’s great to see how the neighborhood has evolved and all the work that continues to rebuild the city. premieres June 13 on @cnbc

image by Sidney D Torres IV (@sidneytorresiv) with caption : "I’m launching 🚀 an app to help new buyers and flippers purchase their first home while protecting their equity and build" - 1784909221949009902
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I’m launching 🚀 an app to help new buyers and flippers purchase their first home while protecting their equity and building wealth. The app will be a vital tool in successfully establishing a real estate action plan. Your first and most important step: establish your budget. It’s crucial that you start off with a solid foundation and avoid taking on big expenses and a lot of debt. Stay tuned each week for six exclusive insights leading up to the app’s launch!

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One of the best times I had developing @thecoveelh was going around the island picking out and buying each individual palm tree from The kind locals who raised them since they were coconuts 🥥🌴 This process also allowed me to really experience how amazing the people and culture of the island really were. it was such a cool process because once we would make a deal I would have my backhoe & flatbed truck ready to dig them up and bring them back to . When I would get them back to the resort it would take me a few hours to properly lay them out dig the holes & plant them. I look around @ 250+ palm tress now so healthy and tall and think it was a true blessing to experience that process. 🌴🙏🌴

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Back on the Rock 🐟🐠🐬🦈 Taking a break from filming by enjoying the beautiful waters of the Bahamas. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! @cnbcprime

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People only chasing the money will always fall short of success. It's so important to find what you love, and continue to use that passion as fuel to get you to the next level. 👍

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Here's the new trailer for airing nationally. Watch the Season 2 premiere on June 13th on @CNBCPrime.

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Whenever I'm getting ready to develop a property or old historic building, I like to spend time on the land or in the building I'm developing. From watching the sunrise to sitting in the jungle, there's no better way to learn the space. Sketching on napkins has always been a part of the process, and it was no different when developing @thecoveelh.

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Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mom and best friend! Here’s some of the great times we’ve had together. 🙏🏻❤️

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Feeling nostalgic today. I'm so blessed for all that I've accomplished and those who have supported me along the way. was one of my favorite projects and also the most challenging. From the design to architecture, building the resort allowed me to connect to the people of the island while creating an unique destination that organically fit into the space. 🙏🏻 @thecoveelh @worldredeye 📸

image by Sidney D Torres IV (@sidneytorresiv) with caption : "The countdown is officially underway for Season 2 of #TheDeed! I’m working hand-in-hand with the flippers at the earlies" - 1776210479980922528
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The countdown is officially underway for Season 2 of ! I’m working hand-in-hand with the flippers at the earliest stage of construction to help craft their vision. Choices have to be made and we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. See all the action on June 13th on @cnbc.

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Season 2 of The Deed launches 🚀 June 13th on @cnbc! This season I’ll be empowering the flippers and YOU to maximize potential and profit. Get ready for the priceless transformations!