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Throwback to sharing space at @createcultivate with my play cousin @ihartericka- Ericka made an awesome point yesterday about femmes not necessarily identifying as women and I just really need to slap an AMEN on that shit. A humbling number of y’all tagged me in shout outs and, while flattered, I was unsure how to feel about it. Trying to fit my identity into the box of “Woman” has left me unsatisfied for longer than I can remember. Sometimes I find myself trying to fit in the box just because it’s easier for other people/my internalized roles make me sooooo obnoxiously passive aggressive. But words like ‘Woman’ & ‘Girl’ are thrown on femmes like it’s nothing and it’s really not nothing. I didn’t want to say anything about it yesterday because I could mentally hear my grandma scolding me all the way from the grave for being an ungrateful biatch. (Just kidding, Marvella would never call anyone a biatch. Regina George, she wasn’t. But I digress.) I appreciate all of yesterday’s love, y’all. I am humbled by it and reflect it tenfold. But I don’t really identify as a “Woman” or a “Girl”. Color Me Human- nothing more, nothing less. Also, Ericka and I are not the same person. All black people do not look the same. But, to be fair, I am problematic af on a lotta levels and legit get white cisdicks confused with each other 99% of the time soooo🤐* *it gets even worse when the white cisdicks have biblical names. I will be out here trying to keep my Peters, Pauls, and Matts straight like 🧐🧐🧐 Photo by Eb the GOAT


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The season finale of my podcast is out now on & I dedicated the entire episode to answering your questions about practicing yoga. Click the link in my bio and use the code 'JESSAMYN' for a free month of listening! I couldn’t be bothered to grease my scalp first BUT I hopped on IG story this morning to answer some yoga FAQ that didn’t make the cut for the season finale. You can watch the whole video on my IG story or the ‘FAQ’ highlight reel! Trying to stop slut shaming myself when watching my body in forward folds- I have to remind myself that it’s ok to love myself even if society has fetishized my body shape and put it in a box. Man, fuck yo box.


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The season finale of my podcast, 'Jessamyn Explains It All' is out now on @stitcher_podcasts. I dedicated the entire episode to answering your questions about practicing yoga. Whether you're a beginner or a lifelong practitioner, I have some advice for you. Click the link in my bio and use the code 'JESSAMYN' for a free month of listening!

Instagram Image by Jessamyn (@mynameisjessamyn) with caption : "TW- masochism, self-mutilation, shameless self-indulgence.

Nowadays, I understand the myth of Narcissus on a whole new " at San Jose, California - 1720663643244599117
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TW- masochism, self-mutilation, shameless self-indulgence. Nowadays, I understand the myth of Narcissus on a whole new level. Every time something is written about me, every time I listen to JEIA podcast mixes, every time I examine deliverables from sponsored photo shoots- all I see is the mythical Narcissus at the edge of the pond, lost in his own reflection. In response to my Narcissus, I’ve developed a very charming habit of slicing my emotional skin anytime I find myself staring into the pond. All forms of self-mutilation are old hat at this point- for example, even after all this time, given the right amount of anxiety, I will joyfully nibble away at every inch of my cuticle meat until blood stains my nail beds. Of course it hurts immeasurably but that’s the point- the pain is decadent. But the thrill of slicing my emotional skin is kind of unparalleled. After thoroughly shredding myself to a pulp, when my emotional body is nothing but weeping muscles and tissue, when I’m bleeding both copiously and invisibly, that’s when I try to reach for my Compassion. I say “try” bc the pursuit of Compassion feels like a battle with myself. But the Compassion- how could I even categorize it? Delicious? Sumptuous? Luscious? Like drinking the coldest water on the hottest day. But, of course- a seasoned masochist WOULD rhapsodize about pain + the soothing salve of Compassion. And I have known myself to be a masochist as long as I’ve known anything. It’s probably why I’m drawn to aggressive yoga postural practice. I love it when it hurts bc I crave the pain. I didn’t expect the pursuit of compassion to resemble the satisfaction of self-mutilation but that just shows how much I know. However, the current temperature of my meditative state probably counts as the first time that I’ve intentionally set out on a masochistic journey and it’s felt like I’m actually going somewhere- instead of digging a hole, I’m carving a passage. But what’s the difference between a hole and a passage, Jessamyn? One goes somewhere and the other doesn’t, I suppose. And how do you know when you’re going somewhere? Jesus, Jessamyn- Why Does It Matter. Photo by @zoelitakerphotography

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The last few episodes of my @stitcher_podcast show have been blessed by some of my favorite voices- -@gemynii & I talked about queer femme identity -@ihartericka & I talked shop about being black and working in predominantly white spaces -@themilitantbaker & I talked about the current landscape of body politics Listen to “Jessamyn Explains It All” by clicking the link above OR go to! Yes, it's available only on Stitcher Premium- use the code 'JESSAMYN' for one free month!

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I subconsciously slut shame myself all the time. Especially when I tape my yoga practice and acknowledge the full breadth of my ass in forward folds. I know it scares other people and I've allowed it to scare me, too. After all this time, I'm still my most powerful oppressor. But people have been fetishizing the curvy black body since way before I got here- and it feels like an insult to the legacy of people like Sarah Baartman if I consciously wear these chains. Happy Black History Month, Jessamyn- you’ve still got plenty of work to do.