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Bio A knife is a tool...use it!

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image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "Handle it,
#axe #hammer #tomahawk #jumpsheath #ragnorok #vikingmythology #bawidamannblades #mostlyknives #titaniumhammer" - 1761143716426642420
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Handle it,

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "Nice giveaway 🔥🔥🔥Go to @dlttrading 
#Repost @dlttrading with @get_repost
We're showing our customers appreciation by" - 1760563032990482989
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Nice giveaway 🔥🔥🔥Go to @dlttrading @dlttrading with @get_repost ・・・ We're showing our customers appreciation by teaming up with Michael Zieba and giving away an S3, one of Michael's hottest new profiles. Michael has paired this S3 with one of a kind bomb lanyard bead in cracked gold! Here are the steps necessary to make sure you have an opportunity to win: Step : Follow @dlttrading & @michael_zieba on Instagram. If you already follow us on Instagram, please like the post so that we know you're participating. Step : Like this Instagram post. Step : Comment with your favorite everyday carry & tag two (2) of your friends who love knives in the comment area of this Instagram post. We'll randomly select a winner on Friday, April 20th, 2018! Thanks again, everyone, we sincerely appreciate your support. @michael_zieba

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "Today’s blade is electric ⚡️ #S3 #ziebaknives #customknives #tesla #mostlyknives" - 1760293085966084874
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Today’s blade is electric ⚡️

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "#knife
#trackerdan #watsonknives #magni #edc #mostlyknives" - 1759695667054685093
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image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "@clayton_ogre tagged MK for a #blackandwhiteknifechallenge 💥 Let’s pass it along to @nalkinburgh @mulls__ and whoever el" - 1759692899266875009
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@clayton_ogre tagged MK for a 💥 Let’s pass it along to @nalkinburgh @mulls__ and whoever else wants to join!

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These two... 😂

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "Some of the most comfortable boots @wescoboots #jobmaster #customboots #handmadeboots #wescoboots #mostlyknives" - 1758231863439473036
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Some of the most comfortable boots @wescoboots

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "Butteries and... #mybenchmade #benchmade940 #mostlyknives" - 1758230398587266173
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Butteries and...

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Just hanging out, taking down a small tree for the neighbor

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Thanks to @mrwranglerstar for doing a video about this rivet tool, it’s fantastic! The cross bars on Honda’s cr-v are not adjustable so the rear hatch won’t open with a cargo box on top...tap new rivets problem solved!!

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "The #guppy getting some sun @bladerigs #bladerigs #knives #mostlyknives #edc" - 1757345953361473751
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The getting some sun @bladerigs

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "The iron pig
#s3 #ziebaknives #thepigtool #mostlyknives" - 1757013189596644335
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The iron pig

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "Happy Birthday TJ!🎂
#Repost @mount_vernon with @get_repost
#HappyBirthday to Thomas Jefferson, born #OnThisDay in " - 1756873533290775829
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Happy Birthday TJ!🎂 . @mount_vernon with @get_repost ・・・ to Thomas Jefferson, born in 1743 in Shadwell, VA! . Jefferson & Washington were once friends who had much in common. Jefferson, like Washington, was a tall redhead from the middling planter class in Virginia. After attending William and Mary and studying law, he served in the House of Burgesses with Washington. He, too, raised his status by marrying a wealthy widow, Martha Wayles Skelton. . Jefferson considered himself a farmer and spent his life improving his plantations, especially @tjmonticello, just as Washington cared for Mount Vernon. But it was in his devotion to the cause of the American Revolution that Jefferson most resembled Washington. . Jefferson returned to the United States in November 1789 to serve as Washington's Secretary of State. Over his time in office, he eventually came to believe that Hamilton and his Federalists were bent on restoring a monarchy in the United States and that Washington had fallen completely under their spell. . In 1793, Jefferson resigned from Washington's cabinet. He became Vice President in 1796 and President for two terms beginning in 1801, with the 1803 Louisiana Purchase being his greatest accomplishment. He eventually retired to Virginia where he died on July 4, 1826. . (Thomas Jefferson by Charles Wilson Peale, 1791. Courtesy of @independencenps) ...

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "Black and silver
#lynchnw #ziebaS3 #S3 #ziebaknives #streamlight #colonelblades #edc #mostlyknives" - 1756618226794786429
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Black and silver

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "@michael_zieba dropping the #mercedesbenz of knives the #S3 🔥 limited to only 75!!! Dealers👉🏽 @knifecenter @bladehq @dlt" - 1756204016029977752
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@michael_zieba dropping the of knives the 🔥 limited to only 75!!! Dealers👉🏽 @knifecenter @bladehq @dlttrading @forthenrycustomknives 🇺🇸

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Bits 👌🏽

image by #Mostlyknives (@mostlyknives) with caption : "Pocket full
#pogn #bawidamannblades #benchmade940 #hitchandtimber #titaniumpockettool #fisherspacepen #edc #mostlyknives" - 1755351964882249176
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Pocket full

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