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Maggie Liu (@lanlan731) Instagram Profile Photo lanlan731

Maggie Liu

Bio 私人账户,中国营销号们,请要脸!不要无耻盗图!谢谢! Twitter:luhu731 📧 Its personal page,plz don't use my pics without any asking,thanks!


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isn’t sleeping, not even pretending to sleep,just close eyes and enjoy his wonderful life,but he opened his eyes immediately when he heared about I asked him if he wanted 😂 - - #


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Last night, was looked at the stars on the curtain, and then he jumped on it... Of course, the window curtain was disfigured...He seemed to realize his mistake after I criticized him seriously at once,later he looked at the broken part of curtains,maybe he was say sorry to the curtain ... - - 开始,luhu一直盯着窗帘上的星星✨看,然后就扑了上去... 当然,窗纱被毁容了… 我立刻严肃的批评了他,他似乎认识到了自己的错误,又盯着窗纱毁容的地方看,大概在对窗纱say sorry... ​​​ - -


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:"When i was one and half years old~" - -

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was in 2 month old of this video,he smelled his brothers eating and he was so anxious to get on the table 😂😂 - -

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:"mom,meatcans,plz...😟" - -

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insults my Chinese pancake always cause he thinks it smelled like shit...but this time he got his spunk up and give a try, but he continued to insult my food after he tasted ...☹️ - -