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Kelli Anderson

Bio Designer. Into: lo-fi stuff, handheld revelations / Likes: simple things that don't behave as expected - This Book is a ________ (Planetarium, Camera)


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New York, New York Report Share Download 2 318

Microscopic paper animation in honor of the year’s first tolerable weather streak here. Yaaaa…>45 °F…aaaaay!


image by Kelli Anderson (@kellianderson) with caption : "Just met the wonderful students for our crafting material logic class at @sfpc_nyc (co-teaching with @pamelaliou and @gr" - 1720568329466092453
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Just met the wonderful students for our crafting material logic class at @sfpc_nyc (co-teaching with @pamelaliou and @gridpaper) . . I introduced myself with a slideshow* showing how the infographic-strewn path of making data human-parsable INEVITABLY leads to paper calculatorville. . . Someone has already mentioned folding algorithms. This is going to be so much fun!


Civic Commons Report Share Download 7 302

Before: Confederate monuments / After: Buskers!. . I made 60-ish isometric drawings to help illustrate the potential of underutilized sites in various communities for Reimagining the Civic Commons—a group of cities that are improving their public spaces. . Shown here: Reading Viaduct and Centennial Commons in Philly, Cossitt Library in Memphis, Fourth Bluff in Memphis, and Detroit’s Block Party building.. . Link: (Thanks @bryanboyer for architecting and art-directing)

image by Kelli Anderson (@kellianderson) with caption : "The seat pocket in front of you. #process . #deadpan
(This style is totally new to me, but it’s fun… and a good matc" - 1703825215196085334
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The seat pocket in front of you. . . . (This style is totally new to me, but it’s fun… and a good match for the assignment.)

Books Of Wonder Report Share Download 12 382

I’ll be giving a talk about This Book is a Planetarium (and other new experiments/ design work) at the 18th street Books of Wonder this Sunday, 1-3pm. It’s free and potentially interesting to both adults and children! . .Order of events: 1-1:30 • I show slides and talk a lot 1:30-2 • Q & A 2-3 • Signing books and/or whatever else we decide to do!

Nerd-Ville Report Share Download 6 262

Ah, I *finally* solved a problem that has long annoyed me with ! . . There’s a spacer that you’re encouraged to manually turn down (the spacer makes the camera body more rigid, so the focal length is consistent for the full expanse of the film.) However, it’s really easy to forget to disengage it and essentially “smoosh” the thing when closing the book. . . I’ve now added a proper table-flip gesture to a tab, so the spacer is automatically-disengaged each time the book closes.