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Bio The place for all things sweet 🍰🍦 From the team at @thisisinsider.

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Report Share Download 96 15.72K

Via @thisisinsiderfood: @magichourny serves giant ice cream sandwiches and cocktails so you can party like Cardi B. 🍦

Report Share Download 166 20.36K

@laramason_cakeart made these life-size cake versions of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.Β πŸ‘‘

Report Share Download 257 24.48K

Throwin' fudge in the air like they just don't care. πŸ™Œ @thefudgery @rinnny_

Report Share Download 26 14.74K

The owner of @squishmarsh wanted to bring a twist to giving a bouquet of flowers.Β πŸ’Β 

Report Share Download 134 23.64K

@paradise_bakery's cookies come in all shapes and sizes! πŸͺΒ 

Report Share Download 142 17.17K

@mofflebar makes waffle pops filled with mochi and then topped with cereal. 😍 

Jacques Torres Report Share Download 133 35.94K

Via @thisisinsiderkitchen: You can learn how to make sophisticated chocolate desserts in this class with @jacquestorres, also know as "Mr. Chocolate." 🍫

Nutella Cafe Chicago Report Share Download 743 32.86K

Nutella lovers are lining up to get a taste of their favorite chocolate hazelnut spread.Β πŸ™ŒπŸ«Β Footage courtesy of @hangrydiary.

Stuffed Ice Cream NYC Report Share Download 538 27.61K

You better get to licking, this cone from @stuffedicecreamnyc has 21 scoops. 🍦  @rinnny_

Flour Shop Report Share Download 196 20.83K

This is no ordinary pizza...Β πŸͺΒ πŸ•Β  @flourshop @alyweisman

Silverton Casino Report Share Download 173 19.5K

Via @insidertravel: @silvertoncasino in Las Vegas has a giant mermaid aquarium. 🐠

Doughnut Time Report Share Download 269 23.89K

@doughnuttime_uk is a beloved Australian doughnut shop in London, UK. @rinnny_