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image by @dark_out_here with caption : "Furrends, have you checked out the Kickstarter being run by @nightmareandratt ? If your kitties love boxes as much as mi"- 1738254338456985888
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Furrends, have you checked out the Kickstarter being run by @nightmareandratt ? If your kitties love boxes as much as mine but you don't love the way their collection makes your living room look you should check it out! Stylish and fun and you're supporting small business! 👍I would get the polyhedron and the triangle tunnel, which do you like? . . .


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BENEFIT RAFFLE DRAWING! 💛 Thank you all so much for the donations and shares! Tina has been able to get Monty a dental cleaning and take Katie, who's having some GI problems, to the vet for a work up. It turns out the beautiful sphynx postcards by @zoekellerart were re-released yesterday.. I had no idea they would be! So if you didn't win you can still purchase them or one of the original drawings (check out her profile for an original art sale code). Because it turned out they weren't permanently sold out like I thought I'm going to give away TWO prize packages instead of one! Sweetie was thinking the same thing so she drew two names for us 😂 Good thing I didn't have to do a tie-breaker! CONGRATULATIONS @cash_and_company and @beers77 💛 and thank you again to everyone who took part!


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Hi guys! I'd like to make one more request for donations before wrapping up this raffle. I'd LOVE to see $80 more so we could raise an even $300! I'll plan to draw a winner this weekend 💛 BENEFIT RAFFLE! My friend Tina is trying to raise money for her 14 rescue cats, many of which are special needs. Tina works at my favorite local pet store and she also connected me with the vet that helped me with Hawl Can you imagine the cost of caring for 14 special kitties!? She's maxed out her care credit and has vet and medication bills every month, but most of her kitties would have never found a home without her taking them in. I set up a youcaring page for her, but it's lost traction in the last month and she's feeling discouraged. So, I'm offering up an amazing set of limited edition (and sold out!) sphynx postcards from the fabulous @zoekellerart for donating to Tina! These postcards are suitable for framing and just so beautiful. I'll throw in some of our fave cat treats too! WHERE: RULES: Every $5 you donate gets you one entry in the raffle. Donate more, get more entries! (Like $25 gets you five entries) Repost and tag for one entry per repost! DM ME WITH AMOUNT DONATED TO YOUCARING FUND AND YOUR DONATION NAME! Otherwise I won't know who you are. I will tally names from the hashtag and DMs and Izzy will pick a winner randomly out of a hat. I'm willing to mail these anywhere in the world if you're game. Thank you for your time! 💛

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After a long but beautiful Oregon early spring day, this is just right 👌

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First trip to the park! 🌳🍃 . . .

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So photogenic it's crazy . . .