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From @_chairmanmeow._: "Trying to reach your life goals like"

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‪From @halu4809: “Noooooo😱


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‪From @kitty_fostering_oz: “Miss Moppet - taking “Milk Drunk” to a whole other level...”

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‪From @fostercatsandkittens: “Ash is getting ready for takeoff 🛫 ✈️”

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‪From @kittyfoster_: “Pet me right now!”

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‪From @utamaruru: “埋もれるお花…😹🌼
Ohana and Babies 🌼”

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‪From @fostercatsandkittens: “There is no doubt about it that watching Vivi wiggle those ears and drink her baba is one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen. The reality is that kittens just like Vivi suffer daily because people do not spay and neuter their pets. Our shelters are overcrowded, there aren’t enough fosters, and kittens born on the streets likely will die. 
Please help be a part of the solution. There are many ways to lower these statistics. 
If you see a stray cat, please get it help. Find TNR in your area, or even do the TNR yourself. 
Foster!!!! We are desperately looking every single day for more people to help. 
The absolute BEST thing you can do is SPAY AND NEUTER your pets. I feel like a broken record saying this... but I get direct messages daily asking for my advice because someone’s cat just had kittens! If you have a pet, it is your duty to take care of them. Do the right thing. 

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From @mo_harutan: “진짜 콩만한 게 맨날 센척해서 온 가족이 어이가 없었던 시절쓰,,”

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From @momo0224momomo: “ 触るとカプリ。でも、泣かない娘。噛まれる事を学んで手を引っ込めるのが上手くなった1歳児。”

image by Cats of Instagram (@cats_of_instagram) with caption : "From @lokumitothecat: “Will you pet me now? o.o PLEASEEE?!” #catsofinstagram" - 1782465068510536804
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From @lokumitothecat: “Will you pet me now? o.o PLEASEEE?!”

image by Cats of Instagram (@cats_of_instagram) with caption : "From @mrpicklesthefeline: “Pickle doing a think 🤔” #catsofinstagram" - 1782208971220486284
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From @mrpicklesthefeline: “Pickle doing a think 🤔”

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From @mojito_rose: “Mom came home from work and found us like this. Seriously. We often get asked how we get them to pose for the photos. We don’t, this is just how much they love each other. And seriously, have you ever tried posing a kitten? It doesn’t work!”