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Bio PhD Sports Science CSCS,*D Author Lecturer Inventor @the_hip_thruster Owner @theglutelab Founder Strong by Bret Click below for training and products:

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Glute Lab Report Share Download 13 1.05K

Despite being beat down, I trained four times last week and hit some big lifts, including: Military press 225 x 2, 235 x 1 (tied all-time PRs) Full squat 445 x 1 (tied all-time PR) Smith machine hip thrust 14 plates x 12, 16 plates x 4 (PRs) Hammered glutes and delts this week but aside from that didn’t perform a lot of volume. You’ll note lots of frog pumps, hip abduction, delt raises, and face pulls.

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I ❤️ Omar! Next time we shall thrust 945 lbs together, mark my words! @omarisuf ・・・ Friends that hip thrust together, stay together. 765lb of bromance. Shout out to @bretcontreras1 for being so real. I respected his work and he turned out to be even cooler in person. Really fortunate to have a career that has put me in contact/friendships with people that I looked up to (like @thealanaragon, @bradschoenfeldphd and @helms3dmj). Stayed up until 2am with me to record a Podcast last year for @mommasboyspodcast and didn’t complain once. Bret is changing the world, one pair of glutes at a time. Peachboi approved 🍑

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Good stuff from @soheefit! @soheefit ・・・ Hip thrust and glute bridge variations are incredible for strengthening and building up the derrière. 🍑 Here are the top 10 variations you must try! • Many people aren’t sure what the difference is in muscle activation between hip thrusts (shoulders elevated) and glute bridges (shoulders on the ground). They are very similar, but hip thrusts tend to activate the quads to a greater extent. I recommend incorporating both into your program throughout the year. • As for frog pumps, a lot of people love them and feel them highly activating their glutes, but some people don’t care for them - and that’s okay. I personally dislike single-leg hip thrusts but LOVE shoulder- and foot-elevated single-leg hip thrusts due to the increased range of motion. • Just about all of these exercises were thought up by @bretcontreras1 the Glute Guy. If you’re a client of mine or have one of my programs, you’ll see that hip thrust and glute bridge variations are a primary element in all of my workouts. ☺️👊

Glute Lab Report Share Download 89 3.18K

Here are videos of my last ten workouts. They’ve been hellacious and I set numerous recent PRs, including: Bench press 350 x 1, 335 x 2, 315 x 4, 275 x 10 @bootybuilder.official Hip thrust stack + Big bands x 22 Full squat 425 x 1, 315 x 10 Stiff leg deadlift 405 x 12 Sumo deadlift 545 x 7, 605 x 1 Db 45 degree hyper 150 x 20 Smith machine hip thrust 585 x 12, 675 x 6 Front squat 335 x 1 Smith machine full squat 435 x 1 Reverse hyper 360 x 15 Of course I also did a lot of delts and back and hammies and glutes and biceps. I need to pull back and deload as I’m beat down and my sleep hasn’t been so good. That’s hard to do when you’re kicking ass but it’s vital since you can’t keep setting PRs week in and week out.

Instagram Image by Bret "Glute Guy" Contreras PhD (@bretcontreras1) with caption : "Important @theglutelab updates!
We now have 3 coaches: 
Sterner @alex.sterner, Bryce @arbryce, and Kiana @nirvanafit. 
I" at Glute Lab - 1779137622120257149
Glute Lab Report Share Download 164 3.58K

Important @theglutelab updates! We now have 3 coaches: Sterner @alex.sterner, Bryce @arbryce, and Kiana @nirvanafit. I just hired Kiana to open the gym so we can offer morning hours. The new hours will be: M-F: 7-11, 12-2, 4-8 (closed Wednesday) Sat & Sun: 9-1 • All clients receive individualized programs based on their unique goals, needs, injury history, availability, etc., but sessions are conducted in a group training format. We cap each hour to a max of 4 members per coach on the floor. • Membership fees are charged once every 4 weeks based on weekly attendance as follows: One training session per week = $140/month Two training sessions per week = $260/month Three training sessions per week = $380/month 4 or 5 sessions per week = $400/month • We do allow for one-time drop-ins for $70 for one hour (these are scheduled as to allow for adequate attention by one of the coaches). • As of last week, we have 125 members (not including the Glute Squad). In a few more months, we will likely be at capacity and will up the rates again (grandfathering prior rates to current members). • We’re starting to see some incredible feats of strength and some impressive physique transformations - it’s very exciting. Couldn’t be happier with my coaches, and the system and equipment are top notch. If you’re local and haven’t joined yet, get your butt in here and let us build it. Glute Lab is where glutes go to grow! But we train full body here so we are more than just a glute training facility.

Glute Lab Report Share Download 372 6.82K

Big booties are usually strong booties. Unless you’re genetically gifted, you’re gonna have to work hard for a muscular set of glutes. Two days ago I trained glutes and hams with centaurs @besickfit and @nestleswollhouse. We performed hip thrusts with the entire stack and strongest bands off the @bootybuilder.official (hopefully some of you saw the contest on IG live), stiff leg deadlifts with 405 lbs, 45 degree hypers with the 150 lb dumbbell, Nordic ham curls, and machine seated hip abduction with the stack. I set 3 PRs (on the first 3 lifts). Adam hit a big SLDL PR. Here’s how it went down: Bret Hip thrust 22 reps SLDL 12 reps 45 hyper 20 reps Adam Hip thrust 26 reps SLDL 21 reps 45 hyper 23 reps Dave Hip thrust 22 reps SLDL 11 reps 45 hyper 20 reps As you can see, big ole booties can move some serious weight. Swipe left to see videos. Also all three of us could barely lift as after the first set of hip thrusts to failure, our glutes were debilitatingly pumped to smithereens.

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Brutal hip thrust dropsets today with @mahsa_akm and @alexisfrias__ using @the_hip_thruster and the Hip Thruster loop. Mahsa (50 total reps) - 235 + dual bands + loop x 10 235 + loop x 10 185 + loop x 10 135 + loop x 10 Loop x 10 Alexis (30 total reps) - 155 + dual bands + loop x 6 155 + loop x 6 135 + loop x 6 Loop x 12 This burns the 🍑 like crazy! I had them do 3 rounds each then 3 sets of leg press and 3 sets of machine seated hip abduction.

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*PLEASE SHARE SO WE CAN CORRECT THIS MISCONCEPTION!* • Many people, especially women, worry that weight training is going to make them bigger. Your size is mostly dependent on how much you eat. Strength training will help you look better at any given body weight. Since muscle is 15% more dense than fat, it will cause you to get smaller and occupy less overall space. This is true whether you weigh 250lbs, 200lbs, 150lbs, or 100lbs. The smallest you will be at any given body weight is when you are the  strongest and fittest at that weight. • I learned about the density of tissues as a PhD researcher, but I’ve been aware of this phenomenon for a long time. Over my 21 years of experience as a personal trainer, I can’t tell you how many clients ate the same and stayed the same weight over the course of a year of hard training, yet still ended up needing new clothes because their waist sizes shrunk significantly. This is also true for the legs; despite gaining tremendous lower body strength, the legs actually become smaller overall because of the simultaneous fat loss and muscle gain. • This phenomenon is known in fitness circles as “recomping.” Every fitness professional who works with ample clients in person is well aware of it. Some sleazy con-artists purposely play on women’s fear of getting bulky and try to convince them to abstain from lifting weights and gaining strength. Of course they fail to educate their clients on the role of diet in this matter. This fear-mongering is unacceptable and these charlatans need to be called out. • I wrote a blog post 2 years ago titled, “Strength Training is Fat Loss Training.” Please Google it. In addition, please swipe left to watch a video and see examples of women who have improved their fitness through strength and conditioning. DO THESE WOMEN LOOK BIGGER? DO THEIR LEGS LOOK BIGGER? DO THEY LOOK LIKE BULKY, MALE BODYBUILDERS? • No, they do not. They got smaller because they kept their caloric intake the same while gaining strength. Weight training is the best form of fat loss training over the long haul. Please don’t believe the lies. •

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Tonight I hit a PR and pulled 545 lbs (247 kg) for 7 reps. It’s nice training with these young bucks @alex.sterner and @arbryce - my trainers at @theglutelab. They’re absolutely crushing it right now and it motivates me to train harder. I bet I could have gotten 8 reps if I wore straps 😬. My vocal muscles probably fatigued more than my grip muscles lol.

Instagram Image by Bret "Glute Guy" Contreras PhD (@bretcontreras1) with caption : "There is only one reason I’m posting this picture from this weekend’s Fitness Summit in Kansas City. The traps. #trapgai" at Strong - A Strength Training Gym - 1774234192192790143
Strong - A Strength Training Gym Report Share Download 106 4.74K

There is only one reason I’m posting this picture from this weekend’s Fitness Summit in Kansas City. The traps.

Courtyard Kansas City at Briarcliff Report Share Download 375 7.89K

This 20-min bodyweight glute workout had my 🍑 screaming for mercy! Here are the 4 exercises: Reverse hyper 3 x 30 Side lying hip raise 3 x 15 Straight leg feet elevated bridge 3 x 15 w/1-sec pause Quadruped leg swing 3 x 20 🍑 I did these in circuit fashion (3 rounds). During the reverse hypers, I had the knees more bent at the bottom of the movement and spread the legs outward as they rose. During the straight leg feet elevated bridge, I tucked the chin, turned the feet out, kept a slight bend at the knees, and focused on a strong posterior pelvic tilt at the top of the movement. 🍑 Song: Pachelbels Canon Harp

Glute Lab Report Share Download 515 7.92K

Hip Thruster Loops - just $20. Swipe left to see a video containing 30 exercises we perform with them at @theglutelab. We use them with every single client. Order them here off @the_hip_thruster website: I’ll post a live link to my story right now too. It’s one-size-fits-all and is well-suited for beginner and advanced lifters. We do ship internationally but you need to email with your shipping address, shipping phone number, and order quantity for a quote.