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Bret "Glute Guy" Contreras PhD

Bio PhD in glutes, 20+ year personal trainer, CSCS, author, researcher, inventor, lifelong student of S&C. Click below for a customized training program:


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Glute Lab Report Share Download 82 2.86K

Crushed this lower body workout tonight. Just did 6 total sets but my glutes were pumped for 30 min afterward. I did (swipe left to see vids): Lever full squat 6 plates x 10 8 plates x 3 Lever good morning 8 plates x 10 10 plates x 6 Smith machine hip thrust 10 plates x 20 10 plates x 20 I’ve been hammering legs for the past month and they’ve indeed grown. Crazy to see how much stronger I am at good mornings compared to full squats.

Glute Lab Report Share Download 67 2.93K

Had a kickass week of training at @theglutelab. Trained upper body 3 times and lower body twice. Highlights include: Sumo deadlift 515 x 3, 545 x 2 Back squat 385 x 1, 405 x 1 Bench press 275 x 6 (3 sets) Smith machine shoulder press 225 x 4, 245 x 1 Walking lunge 40 nonstop steps Weighted pull up 25 x 8, 45 x 5 Front squat 245 x 3, 265 x 2 Supinated pulldown 200 x 20 Smith machine hip thrust 585 x 10 Also did tons of single joint stuff for the delts, back, glutes, hams, and arms, which you can see in the videos of you scroll left. My right knee is feeling great and I’m able to hammer lunges and squats and deads full throttle. Hadn’t done front squats in ages. Looking forward to hitting those regularly and building back to prior strength levels. Same with lunge variations and deads. One constant struggle in my training is wanting to perform every exercise imaginable throughout the week. I love biomechanics and strength exercises in general so it’s hard for me to abstain from doing too much. But I’ve learned to avoid this temptation over the years and I’ve seen better results from paring down my overall training volume. Took today off from lifting and napped and pigged out so I can start the week off with a bang mañana.

Glute Lab Report Share Download 184 5.43K

I love all of the goodies I have at Glute Lab. I have more exercise variations at my finger tips than I could ever imagine. This workout I gave to @soheefit last night is right up there with the last workout I gave to @kareynorthington in terms of creativity. You may not have all of the equipment needed to perform this workout, but with some creativity you can surely mimic them. I hope this gives you some ideas for your own training and encourages you to visit Glute Lab next time you are in San Diego. We are currently taking clients (we have 35 members signed up in our first week) and drop-ins. Message @theglutelab’s IG account to set up an appointment. Here is the workout (scroll left to see all vids) - A1. Band + Bulgarian bag Skorcher hip thrust A2. Rhythmic push press B1. Deficit kettlebell deadlift B2. Eccentric accentuated handle push-up C1. Band-assisted pistol squat C2. Feet-elevated inverted row D1. Half-kneeling cable anti-rotation press D2. Hollow body hold

Report Share Download 115 3.85K

Awesome circuit from Holly!!! @hollyemilyjackson ・・・ Bringing you some fresh new @bretcontreras1 hellishness for this weeks 🍑🙌🏻 • As much as they’re a mouthful to pronounce, I bloody love extra range side lying hip abductions! So you can imagine my excitement when I saw a post pop up on Bret’s page about a new bent leg variation he’d thought up 🎉 . Sad as some may think this is, I’ve genuinely been excited all week about trying this out and it did not disappoint...I might even go as far as to say I like these more than the originals😻 • Try this little glute triplet as a finisher next time you want an all round burner for your glutes... I did this straight through without rest, all you need is a bench and ya body 💁🏼 - 1️⃣ 15 standard extra range side lying hip abductions 2️⃣ 15 extra range side lying bent leg hip abduction with internal rotation (Swap sides and repeat) - 3️⃣ amrap frog reverse hypers 🍑🐸 • Exercise 2 is a little awkward to get the hang of but I swear it’s worth it if you stick at it! It’s kinda hard to see on the vid but on the way up- abduct and internally rotate and on the way back down- adduct and externally rotate. I found it a little easier if I thought about leading with my foot. • Big up Bret for constantly bringing us new and exciting things to try ❤️. As always, full credit to him as he came up with all the exercises shown • Tag a friend to try it with! 👯‍♀️🍑

Glute Lab Report Share Download 438 7.29K

Unlike most muscles, the gluteus maximus achieves its highest EMG activation at the shortest possible muscle length. This means that you will necessarily see more activity at the top of a hip thrust compared to the bottom of a squat. 🍑 This is also what makes the hip thrust so effective; the exercise places considerable tension on the hips at the top of the movement. If you’re seeking neuromuscular development in the glutes, you must consistently reach full hip extension (either hip hyperextension or posterior pelvic tilt, which are the same inside the hip capsule) during your repetitions. 🍑 I see too many people either go too heavy or push out too many repetitions to the point where they’re performing partial reps. This is suboptimal for two reasons - 1) it prevents the glutes from receiving a maximum growth stimulus, and 2) it builds bad habits. 🍑 If you’re always performing partials, that range of motion becomes your new norm and you forget what full hip extension feels like. 🍑 Make sure you push the glutes as high as possible while keeping the torso level, thus preventing spinal hyperextension and anterior pelvic tilt. I like partials for some exercises, just not hip thrusts.

Glute Lab Report Share Download 238 8.31K

The best exercise for building your deadlift is the deadlift. Period. Specificity is paramount in resistance training. Not only should you deadlift with your optimal pulling style, you should also pull with varying stance widths and ranges of motion. That said, sometimes assistance lifts can transfer favorably to the deadlift. Your deadlift will be stagnant and all of a sudden, you’ll start performing a new lift, and you’ll notice a dramatic boost in strength. What transfers best to the deadlift depends on your pulling style (sumo vs conventional), anthropometry (combination of arm, torso, femur, and tibia lengths), and particular weaknesses (weak off the floor, weak at lockout, poor grip strength, etc). Here are my top ten favorites for building the deadlift, based on my experiences as a lifter and personal trainer over the past couple of decades Front loaded reverse lunge and BSS - these build off the floor strength better than any two lifts in my opinion Hip thrusts and back extensions – these build lock out strength better than any two lifts in my opinion Stiff leg deadlift and good morning – these groove the hip hinge and build total posterior chain strength Grippers – although not specific to a deadlifting grip, these build deadlift grip strength like no other Nordic ham curl – these won’t transfer well for beginners who sink like a ship, but for advanced lifters who can perform a 5-second eccentric, they’re brutal and build considerable hamstring strength Reverse hyper – Westside performs these with mostly concentric actions to build work capacity, but I’ve found that if you go very heavy, keep a fairly neutral spine, and reverse the eccentric with an SSC, it transfers even better Heavy kettlebell swing – surprisingly, these heavily tax your low back and entire system almost as much as deads, but they are a lot like reverse hypers, which I described above. There’s nothing wimpy about swinging a 203-lb KB! Your list will necessarily be different from mine, based on your experiences. I can already imagine myself being chewed out for not including squat variations and strongman exercises. However, it’s my list and I’m sticking to it! Swipe left.