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Bio Fitness expert & entrepreneur. Former fat guy turned cover model. Former Men's Health fitness director. 👕I ❤️ BJ TEES👚⬇️


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150-pound with THE DETONATOR 💣 from @mustard.metal using 25-pound plates. Feels nice 👍 and smooth 💪


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QUIT STARING AT MY CHESTICLES! 🥛 New 👕👚tees added to our store along with the I ❤️BJ tees. Click the direct link in my bio if you’re interested. 💪


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Shout out to @handi_capable_fitness for the this morning. Keep killing it buddy 💪 ・・・ I’m really excited to share the progress I’ve made on my journey to walk a 5k. My hope is to show people what you can do if never give up and give it 110%. Thank you to @kenwhit16 from @bodybyboyle for helping me make my dreams a reality. Also a huge thank you to @marcocorradofilms for putting these videos together I’m extremely grateful! Link to the full video in the bio

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QUIT HANGING ON YOUR LOWER BACK DURING PULL-UPS! ———— Hyperextending your lumbar spine during pullups not only strains your lower back, but it will cause your ribs and scapula to rise which will strain your shoulders. ———— Keep your ribs and shoulders down and abs crunched. Moving your feet slightly in front of your body with knees tucked and legs squeezed together will further activate your abs and improve joint positioning and total body tensioning. ———— Yes, I know... many bodybuilders like to lean back to maximize lat activation. But I hate to break it to you- you’re not a bodybuilder. This recommendation is for everyday folks and general fitness. ————

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👕👚Due to UNpopular demand, we are bringing back the I ❤️ BJ tees so you too can be a pariah in your community! ☑️THE DIRECT LINK IS IN MY BIO! We also have a Ketchup and Mustard special edition I ❤️ BJ tee. And to top it all off, we will be adding shirts with BJ-isms to the site. The first BJ-ism is the "Make it Rain 🌧Metabolic Tears" 😭 tee. See if you can soak your own "Make it Rain" tee with your metabolic tears.

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with 2 of the muscle moves from today's circuit! ------------ Skip those silly-ass flutter kicks and call on your core for more with these 2 tempo moves: hip-hinges and standing Arnold presses. Keep your ribs and shoulders down and abs crunched throughout. Use a 3-1-1-1 tempo (see my past post about what this means) for 90-second work periods on each move. ------------ Maintaining a neutral spine (no excessive arching or rounding of lower back) under load and with tempo for an extended work period is the best test of your "abs" strength and stability. ------------ Get the full workout details and program at ------------