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Gemstruck (@gemstruck_jewellery) Instagram Profile Photo gemstruck_jewellery



image by Gemstruck (@gemstruck_jewellery) with caption : "#sterlingsilver #earrings #corboncreatedstone #zirconia #finejewelry #semipreciousjewellery #traveljewelry #designerjewe" - 1717240483854278107
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#zirconia .......

Luxo Para Todos (@luxoparatodos) Instagram Profile Photo luxoparatodos

Luxo Para Todos


image by Luxo Para Todos (@luxoparatodos) with caption : "Anel -Semi Joia , disponível em varios tamanhos ! Informações 📲direct ou por WhatsApp (47) 99194 4041  #semijoias #luxop" - 1717028127165540074
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Anel -Semi Joia , disponível em varios tamanhos ! Informações 📲direct ou por WhatsApp (47) 99194 4041 #zirconia

Vitória Semijoias & Folheados (@vitoriasemijoiasfolheados) Instagram Profile Photo vitoriasemijoiasfolheados

Vitória Semijoias & Folheados


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Brincos folheados. ❤ #zirconia

GEMNEL (@darren.gemnel) Instagram Profile Photo darren.gemnel


image by GEMNEL (@darren.gemnel) with caption : "Delicate necklace ✨
#necklace #pendant" - 1717208269963083100
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Delicate necklace ✨ . . .

Claudia Magalhães (@rupani_prama) Instagram Profile Photo rupani_prama

Claudia Magalhães

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Discreto e luxuoso. #zirconia

Nick Norvell, DDS, MDS, CDT (@drnicknorvell) Instagram Profile Photo drnicknorvell

Nick Norvell, DDS, MDS, CDT

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I’m curious.... ————————————— This is a maxillary full arch fixed detachable monolithic zirconia restoration supported by these four implants with multi unit abutments. The patient came in for the first appointment to have the prosthesis removed and implants evaluated. Upon removal, gross debris was noticed on the intaglio surface and gingiva. You’ll notice there is a substantial flange on the buccal AND palatal. After snapping a few PAs, there is significant bone loss around these implants (all roughly ~2-3mm / implants are 9-10mm in length). The catch? This restoration was placed less than 6 months ago. ———————————— This is not the type of prosthesis I would design. But nonetheless, the patient sank a lot of time and money into a restoration that, I think we can all agree, is not working. So, what do you think? Is unfavorable AP spread to blame? Is improper flange design inhibiting hygiene with detrimental results? Other things you can’t see with these pictures? Do you continue to maintain the restoration / implants? Do you start over? ————————————— I know there are important pieces of info missing - occlusion, esthetics, contours, etc. And I’m not looking for answers. But I thought the conversation was worth having. So, I’m do you design your full arch implant restorations? ————————————— FYI: photos were made at the time of removal and before placing the restoration after the hygiene appointment. ————————————— #zirconia