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Frank Rich - Muscle Expert (@frankrich_fitness) Instagram Profile Photo frankrich_fitness

Frank Rich - Muscle Expert

image by Frank Rich - Muscle Expert (@frankrich_fitness) with caption : "Muscle Hypertophy by @iqphysique96 .
Grab your FREE workout by hitting the link in the bio. .
You have to understand" - 1739874037700933269
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Muscle Hypertophy by @iqphysique96 . . Grab your FREE workout by hitting the link in the bio. . . You have to understand the mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy, or the ways muscles grow, in order to optimize your training. If you do not train with these mechanisms in mind, you will be leaving a lot of gains on the table. Dr. Brad Schoenfeld elucidated 3 main causes of muscle growth: mechanical tension, metabolic stress, and muscle damage [1]. - - The primary mechanism of muscle hypertrophy is mechanical tension. This is both the magnitude and duration of tension. It can be approximated by volume (sets x reps x load). You want to increase volume over time in order to continue making gains. This is also known as progressive overload. Schoenfeld et al. analyzed 3 groups doing different volumes: 5 sets, 5-9 sets, or above 10 sets per week. They found that the higher the amount of sets, the more muscle growth [2]. This suggests the greater volume (up to a point) results in greater muscle growth. This should be your focus to gain muscle-- increase the reps and load lifted over time! - - The second mechanism of muscle growth is metabolic stress, the cell swelling and build-up of metabolites caused by the occlusion of blood vessels when lifting. Basically, this is the pump every bro chases in the gym and it can in fact cause muscle growth. But it is not as reliable of a stimulus as mechanical tension, which I will discuss in future posts. - - Lastly, muscle damage is the 3rd mechanism through which muscles grow. This is the damaging of the muscle through microtears and contusions. It's the primary reason you become sore after training. Many studies show muscle damage is not even correlated with muscle growth, so it is probably not a major cause of it in the first place [3]. - - Bottom line: Focus on increasing mechanical tension over time AKA progressively overloading volume before focusing on the other mechanisms. - - References 1. 2. 3. #weightlifting

healthybodygym (@healthybodygymc3) Instagram Profile Photo healthybodygymc3


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Mantener nuestro cuerpo con buena salud es un deber. De lo contrario no seremos capaces de mantener nuestras mentes fuertes y claras. #weightlifting

 (@abraacadabraa777) Instagram Profile Photo abraacadabraa777

image by @abraacadabraa777 with caption : "#🖕🏽 #🦁 #bodybuilding #workout #workoutmotivation #workout #fitnessbody #fitnesslife #fitnessgoals #fitnessmodel #love #s"- 1739873925208337289
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#🖕🏽 #🦁 #weightlifting

Justin Dean (@arch_warhammer) Instagram Profile Photo arch_warhammer

Justin Dean

image by Justin Dean (@arch_warhammer) with caption : ".
#bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #bodybuilder #powerlifting #powerlifter #weightlifting #gym #workout #gy" - 1739873879516992040
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. . . . . #weightlifting

Jessi Rodriguez (@jessi_rodriguez) Instagram Profile Photo jessi_rodriguez

Jessi Rodriguez

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Getting our deadlifts in. X5 at 275. #weightlifting @brycedujon

JAXON ™ 🃏 (@typhoon_jax) Instagram Profile Photo typhoon_jax


image by JAXON ™ 🃏 (@typhoon_jax) with caption : "@darkside.sports customs🤙🏼
#gym #motivateyourself #goodlifeHC #camo #hardwork #weights #weightlifting #bodybuilding #pre" - 1739873783064658673
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@darkside.sports customs🤙🏼 #weightlifting