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International Young Ballers®🏀🌍 (@__iyb__) Instagram Profile Photo __iyb__

International Young Ballers®🏀🌍

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La tabella va dichiarata!💪🏻 . Vi presentiamo @gioandriolo03. giocatore classe 2003, alto 185 cm, della Noventa Vicentina! . This is @gioandriolo03. He was born in 2003 and he’s 185 cm tall. He plays for Noventa Vicentina! 🔥🔥🔥 #video 🔥🏀

Matt Mead (@mattmeadrealtor) Instagram Profile Photo mattmeadrealtor

Matt Mead

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in . . . . . . . . . . eo

Alice Propizi (@picco91) Instagram Profile Photo picco91

Alice Propizi

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The sealife😎 #video

Rayane (@rayaneebb) Instagram Profile Photo rayaneebb


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Nunca Desitar dos seus Sonhos #video#

Johnny & Dicki 🐈💋 (@johnny.dicki) Instagram Profile Photo johnny.dicki

Johnny & Dicki 🐈💋

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Hallo Leute! Hier ist Johnny. Dieses Video hat mein Frauchen heute aufgenommen. 🐈 Ich saß mal wieder auf ihren Schrank, bis ich hörte, dass Dicki mich zum Essen rief! 💓 Mein Bruder & Ich haben heute ganz viel mit unser Frauchen gespielt. 😁 Am Abend hat mein 2. Frauchen Besuch bekommen & sie haben zusammen geschaut! Das war so gruselig, dass ich lieber in das Schlafzimmer von meinem 2. Frauchen gegangen bin! 😨❤ #video

yiğit ali (@yigit_ve_ali_fan) Instagram Profile Photo yigit_ve_ali_fan

yiğit ali

image by yiğit ali (@yigit_ve_ali_fan) with caption : "#photography #youtube #video #fan 🌹💕@orhanyigitsimsek_ @alirpevin" - 1785885265086097709
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#video 🌹💕@orhanyigitsimsek_ @alirpevin

KD Photography Designs (@kdphotographydesigns) Instagram Profile Photo kdphotographydesigns

KD Photography Designs

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Get ready for the take ova..... w/ @jehsinatra droppin soon! @bhmusicgroup . . . #video

Fano Guitars (@fanoguitars) Instagram Profile Photo fanoguitars

Fano Guitars

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New video up!! Please check out our latest video showcasing our TC6 series guitars!! (Link in bio) #video

 (@ma0ricio) Instagram Profile Photo ma0ricio

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La invasión ha comenzado. #video

Tanner Balazs (@tannerbalazs) Instagram Profile Photo tannerbalazs

Tanner Balazs

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Exercise of the day=Goblet Squats. Use a Kettlebell or Dumbbell to perform this movement. I prefer to use a kettlebell and hold it with the grip shown above to further engage my back, core, shoulders, chest, and arms on top of obviously the legs. If you're a beginner try flipping the kettlebell upside down and holding the "bell" portion for less tension on the other muscle groups. Functional. Strong. Aesthetic. • • • • #video

😍🚩Marwadi_traditional👑😎 (@shekhawati_banna_baisa_stylo) Instagram Profile Photo shekhawati_banna_baisa_stylo


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#video 🙏

Tami Thomas (@tami.holisticoillife) Instagram Profile Photo tami.holisticoillife

Tami Thomas

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Battleropes, I have a love hate relationship with you! I love the results but damn it, you are so fucking hard!! 😜 I found some new exercises today and I thought I would try them out. As I recorded myself and looked back on it, wow my form is shitty today! 😥 I was rotating on my planks, instead of keeping them straight and I need to keep my hips up a bit so my lower back doesn't dip. Squats, I tucked my tush too much instead of sticking it out. Reverse lunges....ugh don't look at them! My personality is to push, push, push and sometimes when I do that my form suffers. Look at my reverse lunges...what do you see that needs to be corrected? My should be able to call me out on them!!! 👊 Lesson....its ok to slow down, you can still go hard but not too hard that you sacrifice form. Form matters...ALOT! . . worked on form my last 2 rounds . .Did total of 4 rounds! ugh 🤗👊 #video

Bob Clagett - ILTMS (@iliketomakestuff) Instagram Profile Photo iliketomakestuff

Bob Clagett - ILTMS

image by Bob Clagett - ILTMS (@iliketomakestuff) with caption : "We just got back from Bay Area Maker Faire 2018! Go check out the trip video on our second channel “I Like to Make Stuff" - 1785885209629531004
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We just got back from Bay Area Maker Faire 2018! Go check out the trip video on our second channel “I Like to Make Stuff 2” #video @chinbeard @makesomethingtv @laura_kampf @evanandkatelyn @simonegiertz @testedcom @geeksmithing @geekbuilders @asylum_designs @makinggeeks @caleb_kraft @makerfaire @makemagazine @snapships @tapigami @matterhackers @carbide3d @markrober @estefanniegg @jackicraft @joeltelling