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BROOKE TURNER • Health+Fitness (@balancefitnessandnutrition) Instagram Profile Photo balancefitnessandnutrition

BROOKE TURNER • Health+Fitness

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• OPEN WORKOUT 18.1 • So recently you might’ve heard or seen a lot about 18. Somethings. If you’re wondering what it is, is it the very start of the road to the @crossfit @crossfitgames for the elite of the elite later this year. It’s also a great chance for all us normal people to test ourselves in the range of workouts & re check months later. The very first workout to kick off the 2018 Open was a 20min AMRAP, the longest workout of all five. I was 10 weeks pregnant & at this stage of pregnancy it is very important to be mindful of core body temperature as my little ones organs are developing. This means keeping check on my intensity levels which I do with a combination of rate of perceived exertion (RPE) and heart/breathing rate (I also know my body VERY well). An added risk factor to this is that we live in one of the hottest parts of WA, in a gym with no AC (unofficially bikram CrossFit), so pretty much on the back foot to begin with. Setting up, ego almost got the better of me & despite scaling the toes to bar with hanging leg raises I was so close to giving the 15kg dumbbell a crack. After a few warm up attempts my sense kicked in & I opted for the scaled 10kg weight. I knew that under fatigue taking a heavy load above my head would place a lot of downward pressure on my pelvic floor & core, something I’m not willing to compromise and have always been wary of following the birth of Byron. This movement ended up being a breeze because of the lighter weight so it really helped to keep my intensity and RPE low. I paced myself, took regular breaks in transition of movements, also making sure breathing was a focus on the rower & finding a rhythm. I also spent more time on the rower than my pre pregnant state as I don’t aim for the same power output as a way to scale my intensity. I really enjoyed this workout, got into a good rhythm knowing that I was in it for 20 minutes & didn’t finish feeling shattered (not a good thing to do when pregnant). I didn’t have a goal for score, I was just keen to train on this day. I totalled 288 reps (9 &a bit rounds). (See comments for workout description).

Shinbudo (@shinbudoweapons) Instagram Profile Photo shinbudoweapons


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A bokken headed to our Up for Grabs page this week. Look for quite a few new ones over the next few days. #training

Graymatter (@pet_stars_of_graymatter) Instagram Profile Photo pet_stars_of_graymatter


image by Graymatter (@pet_stars_of_graymatter) with caption : "#canaandog #canaan #rare #isreal #akcshowdog #showdog #herdingdogsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #dogoftheday #dogsofig #b" - 1742551877710389205
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Sebastian (@transformationsebass) Instagram Profile Photo transformationsebass


Instagram Image by Sebastian (@transformationsebass) with caption : "Thank you @jyobaccio @2018xen @dr.aesthetics1 @danirhfitness for being such great motivators for others and myself! No e" at San Diego, California - 1742525508480271046
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Thank you @jyobaccio @2018xen @dr.aesthetics1 @danirhfitness for being such great motivators for others and myself! No excuses!! @bodybuildingcom @optimumnutrition @transformforlife @250kchallenge #training

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3oRaBi (@m.3orabi) shared  Image on Instagram - 711735874924145983
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Erica (@ericamarie_711) Instagram Profile Photo ericamarie_711


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Great day giving lessons and working horses... I’m so blessed to have such a great group of kids. #training