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AALOOO (@aalooome) Instagram Profile Photo aalooome



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‪Tweeting time is really up! hahahaha....‬ ‪#TimesUp

Chanté Griffin (@yougochante) Instagram Profile Photo yougochante

Chanté Griffin


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Catch Episode 19 of 28, 🔥👏🏾🤣 of When Black History Firsts Go Wrong. SWIPE LEFT TO SEE FULL EPISODE. ⬅️

Lucy Olutunde Owen (@lalatunde) Instagram Profile Photo lalatunde

Lucy Olutunde Owen


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So citizens of planet earth. We (that is people of all nationalities, gender, sexual orientation,age-litreally everyone) share the same places, the same food the same globe. We share the same blood. I am going to start using the . I think it would be genuinely amazing if everytime you see something that expresses how you feel or any acts of kindness. If you add that hash tag... then we together can show that this generation as well as any brilliant minds from any generation- are serious about connection with each other and not intrested in the power struggles that don't benfit equality! Down with negativity. Down with corruption. I don't say get rid of democracy... not yet the world would crash- captilisim is so deep within the majority of societies these days to just take it out in a fail swoop would collapse. Instead we need to raise up as one voice that says change is needed. If enough of us get behind this and #timesup the government's can't tell us no you aren't allowed as we are a democratic country in Britain. Same with all democratic countries. The Prime minister or leaders of your democracies the actually have to serve you wishes by law. If enough of us vote and keep speaking out change will come!

amethyst / senen mossa (@amethyst_nightelf) Instagram Profile Photo amethyst_nightelf

amethyst / senen mossa

image by amethyst / senen mossa (@amethyst_nightelf) with caption : "she is perfect 💜
 #timesup #angelinajolie #redcarpet" - 1718647772033603631
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she is perfect 💜 #timesup

Forgotten Children Inc. (@forgottenchildreninc) Instagram Profile Photo forgottenchildreninc

Forgotten Children Inc.

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THANK YOU to everyone that came out to support our Anti-Trafficking & Violence Prevention Conference. We couldn’t not have done this without you! . . . . . . . . . . . #timesup @thorn @aplusk

Women's World Of Boxing (@wwboxnyc) Instagram Profile Photo wwboxnyc

Women's World Of Boxing

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Wrapping up with “Secret Weapon Killer A”...It was a gooooooooooood day and hope yours was even better😬🥊🥊 - Coach Reese @wwboxnyc 2147 2ND AVE, East Harlem, NY #timesup