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Atakan (@atakan9619) Instagram Profile Photo atakan9619


image by Atakan (@atakan9619) with caption : "Gündoğumu 👌
#sunset#sunrise#sea#tb#tbt#pazartesi#mondaymotivation#mondaymood#blog#blogger_de#sea#life#ta" - 1740466837390361296
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Gündoğumu 👌 . . . . . . . . t

Anielle Von Finckenstein (@aniellevf) Instagram Profile Photo aniellevf

Anielle Von Finckenstein

image by Anielle Von Finckenstein (@aniellevf) with caption : "#tbt to Tuesday’s celebrations #friends #celebrate #brithday #revolutionaries #heroesandhippies #strugglekids #wecandoth" - 1740466836167000449
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#tbt to Tuesday’s celebrations

PRANKTON (@pranktondesign) Instagram Profile Photo pranktondesign


image by PRANKTON (@pranktondesign) with caption : "Docking Shirt
#fashion #fashionphotography #fashionphoto #fashiondiaries #fashionblogger  #ootd #ootn #outfit #coordinat" - 1297832329544413755
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Docking Shirt #tbt

Yemi Lawal (@yemi__lawal) Instagram Profile Photo yemi__lawal

Yemi Lawal

image by Yemi Lawal (@yemi__lawal) with caption : "Verse 2
In a matter of time, u Gon get this buzz & get popular/
Turn things around my n**ga no spatula/
Watch out for th" - 1740466826905636662
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Verse 2 In a matter of time, u Gon get this buzz & get popular/ Turn things around my n**ga no spatula/ Watch out for these blood sucking n**gas Dracula/ That's why I keep a small circle like i drew it up with a sharpener/ What's happening?! my idols ain't rapping again/ Ever since that the game ain't remained the same/ Going insane cus all I hear these days is same Peter & Paul type n**gas they looking the same/ They say if u rap English guy u no go blow but M did it Ice did it there u go/ I'm one of the best to represent my city/ pH city it's a pity ,a city were dis dreams never come Tru and labels never come Tru but I'ma keep spitting these bars till it burn Tru/ Like hot knife Tru your cerebellum/ Can't wait to have a Chic with mad curves like Sarah bellum/ A cute Chic with bright eyes I call her Powerpuff/ A girl who likes the greens hell yeah I call her buttercup/ Buckle up cus I'm bout to take your spot/ No sleeping in this jungle n*** My eyes open for this jungle n**** Yeah I'm a hungry n***** Bruce Willis I'ma die hard n*** Ima triad n*** The way I body these new school rappers/ All these soft kpete kpete type cuss cuss rappers/ All these I'm dying my hair blonde/blue type rappers/ All these I just came back from the state type rappers/ All this my daddy is rich I live in lekki type rappers/ Skinny jeans ,big shades, big shirt wearing rappers/ Common... I go reign supreme I don't mean ice cream/ And I go shine real bright like say I buy cream.. QUIET STORM the freestyle.... #tbt Link in my bio....💣💣🔥🔥🔥 Art by @musicbykayx M&M by @maurice_star1 cc @czar_pebomet

Phresh 👑 Empire (@phreshempire1) Instagram Profile Photo phreshempire1

Phresh 👑 Empire

image by Phresh 👑 Empire (@phreshempire1) with caption : "PHRESHEMPIRE •

#Tbt to that #pregnacy look
#dresses #designers #torontoartist #art #creation #mindset #runwayshow" - 1740466820505489837
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PHRESHEMPIRE • • #Tbt to that look • •

Dorentoz Ronja (@dorentozronja) Instagram Profile Photo dorentozronja

Dorentoz Ronja

image by Dorentoz Ronja (@dorentozronja) with caption : "#TBT inaweza iwezi" - 1740466814498871825
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#TBT inaweza iwezi