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Kat |-/ (@emo_band_vocal_covers) Instagram Profile Photo emo_band_vocal_covers

Kat |-/

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Frens I have created this account to post awful things like this I am not saying I'm an expert singer because I'm not I have never had one singing lesson and idk I just don't want people thinking I think I'm amazing and judge me really hard but anyways I'm going from my bands in alphabetical order so: Dirty Laundry - All Time Low One of my favourite songs for sure @alltimelow @alexalltimelow @jackalltimelow @riandawson @zacharymerrick . . . . . Tags . . . . . #sws

sws.bmth.ptv.aa (@sws.bmth.ptv.aa) Instagram Profile Photo sws.bmth.ptv.aa


image by sws.bmth.ptv.aa (@sws.bmth.ptv.aa) with caption : "#sleepingwithsirens #bringmethehorizon #piercetheveil  #askingalexandria #kellinquinn #oliversykes #vicfuentes #denissto" - 1719407052935290067
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ew (@oliviaxxnormanx) Instagram Profile Photo oliviaxxnormanx


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Viktor Nikiforov is quaking . . Should I make this a cosplay account??

Salice Rose is Bae   {LGBTQ} (@officialsalices) Instagram Profile Photo officialsalices

Salice Rose is Bae {LGBTQ}

image by Salice Rose is Bae   {LGBTQ} (@officialsalices) with caption : "Hehehehe 
_________________________________________________This is #Teamclovvnz inspired by #teamclovds interested in jo" - 1719405417693480077
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Hehehehe _________________________________________________This is inspired by interested in joining just slide in meh DM wait that sounds wrong u know wat I mean hmu 👌💯😂 . . .❌❌IGNORE❌❌. . . #sws

actual emo garbage 🚮 (@shutupitsbands) Instagram Profile Photo shutupitsbands

actual emo garbage 🚮

image by actual emo garbage 🚮 (@shutupitsbands) with caption : "R.I.P Kurt Kobain, a legend. 😢🙏🏼" - 1719399221734877547
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R.I.P Kurt Kobain, a legend. 😢🙏🏼

DM always open (@deep_dark_scary) Instagram Profile Photo deep_dark_scary

DM always open

image by DM always open (@deep_dark_scary) with caption : "Sleeping with Sirens 👻
#sws #sleepingwithsirens #emo #music #sad #screaml #intense #love #musicsaveslives #band #bands" - 1719399111733689043
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Sleeping with Sirens 👻 - #sws