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✖️Mary Loglisci✖️ (@nonsonoma_ry) Instagram Profile Photo nonsonoma_ry

✖️Mary Loglisci✖️


image by ✖️Mary Loglisci✖️ (@nonsonoma_ry) with caption : "~•Gli occhi sono lo specchio dell’anima👁💭💕•~ #eyes#memories#saturn#dumdeedum ✖️" - 1721843613066706063
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~•Gli occhi sono lo specchio dell’anima👁💭💕•~ #saturn ✖️

ryanD_astronomy (@ryan_d_astronomy) Instagram Profile Photo ryan_d_astronomy



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The most distant planet that can be seen with the naked eye, it is a true gem. Large enough to fit 95 earths in it, so it is no surprise it has 62 moons. It has 7 groups of rings that stretch out some 70,000 miles from it’s surface which are only a few meter thick and made up of particles the size of dust to the size of mountains. One of it’s moons has liquid ice and looks more like another planet(Titan). The roman god of agriculture and harvest, Saturn. #saturn

Tobias Löchter (@tobiaslochter) Instagram Profile Photo tobiaslochter

Tobias Löchter


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Kyoohyun Kim (@kyoohyunkim) Instagram Profile Photo kyoohyunkim

Kyoohyun Kim

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Saturn에서 보는 고국의 올림픽 생중계. 올림픽 기간동안 느려터진 인터넷으로 십수번 끊기는 하이라이트만 보니 답답했다. 가습기 사러 시내 나왔다가 마침 매스스타트 중계하길래 고화질 티비로 구경. 눈치 보여서 이 티비 저 티비 돌아다니며 보니 금메달 땄구나. 잠중 티비가 참 좋네. #saturn

Nihil Treize (@nihilxiii) Instagram Profile Photo nihilxiii

Nihil Treize

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monsterseries #saturn Some are inspired by @omega_black_art 🤘🖤

ʜʏᴜɴᴡᴏᴏ (@hynoo_x) Instagram Profile Photo hynoo_x


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BAAM!! Sobald ich heute das Packt abholte, machte fünf Stunden lang diese große und schöne Rakete 'SATURN V', die sich etwa aus 1900 Teilen ist zusammengesetzt. . . . . . #saturn