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Gyergyák Róza (@gyergyakroza) Instagram Profile Photo gyergyakroza

Gyergyák Róza

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-How good are you at Power Point? -I Excel at it. -Was that a Microsoft office pun? -Word. #pun @microsoft

 (@flourishwildly) Instagram Profile Photo flourishwildly

image by @flourishwildly with caption : "Rat trap."- 1762532748998546880
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Rat trap.

Andrew Buswell (@buzzballz1) Instagram Profile Photo buzzballz1

Andrew Buswell

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I ain’t lion 🦁 when I say I’m loving Singapore 🇸🇬 🧜🏻‍♀️ #pun

141k🔜🔜150k (@sirat_chouhan) Instagram Profile Photo sirat_chouhan


image by 141k🔜🔜150k (@sirat_chouhan) with caption : "@sirat_chouhan
#f" - 1762530996811926546
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@sirat_chouhan @sirat_chouhan @sirat_chouhan @sirat_chouhan Follow @incrediblepunjabi @incrediblepunjabi 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖              #pun    

127k 🔜🔜 130k (@shout_out_4_punjabi) Instagram Profile Photo shout_out_4_punjabi

127k 🔜🔜 130k

image by 127k 🔜🔜 130k (@shout_out_4_punjabi) with caption : "❤❤Follow👉👉
👉👉Featured by
" - 1762529433880040171
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❤❤Follow👉👉 @arupariyar @arupariyar . 👉👉Featured by @shout_out_4_punjabi 💝 @shout_out_4_punjabi 💝 @shout_out_4_punjabi 💝 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖              #pun    

Carafts | Cara & Crafts (@carafts) Instagram Profile Photo carafts

Carafts | Cara & Crafts

Instagram Image by Carafts | Cara & Crafts (@carafts) with caption : "Is it #sushilove? #washilove? Why not both? 💕 Have some WAsuSHI! 😜

Happy with how this turned out :3 I didn’t even know" at Metro Manila - 1762528926351359925
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Is it ? ? Why not both? 💕 Have some WAsuSHI! 😜 Happy with how this turned out :3 I didn’t even know if it would work, and didn’t even bother making a draft, but everything turned out better than expected. I was debating between or . It was supposed to be onigiri as the washi would act as the wrap but then I wouldn’t be able to make that #pun and I HAD to make it so there! Used what I had. See?! It isn’t a lot when I exclude the and the wide washi (only have 3). Notebook from @mydaycraft and bought from Most of it didn’t bleed to the other side except the first two which I layered a lot of watercolour on so obviously it would seep through. Watercolour is @simbalionph, bought from @nationalbookstore and some of the lines are done using @stabiloph fine 88, also bought from @nationalbookstore . Title is done using @tombowph dual brush pens. Washi are mostly from @nationalbookstore except a couple bought from shops on @shopee_ph (specifically the ones on the right side) I used this sushi infographics I found on @google as basis. It says at the bottom it was made for the Culture Magazine for Hongdae Area. If you search “sushi infographics” it is the first result on images 😛

AlyssumCandy (@alyssumcandy) Instagram Profile Photo alyssumcandy


image by AlyssumCandy (@alyssumcandy) with caption : "Llamazing!

#momcraft #momcraftserver #minecraftmom #minecraft #gamermom #momgamer #mojang #vanilla #smp #mcig #mi" - 1762528191752996338
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Llamazing! TAGS: #pun

Gianna (@alicedastrange) Instagram Profile Photo alicedastrange


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Some old piano vibes🎴🎼

Leesh Ewan (@ewanleesh) Instagram Profile Photo ewanleesh

Leesh Ewan

image by Leesh Ewan (@ewanleesh) with caption : "#Dope #pun" - 1762525222093137963
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memehmet ( Instagram Profile Photo


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I SRSLY CAN'T WAIT!! 🎬🎥 Follow me for more! . . . #pun #😅 #😂

Nora Laszlo (@camplaszlo8) Instagram Profile Photo camplaszlo8

Nora Laszlo

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I don't think you're ready for this jelly #pun

i'm constantly hungry (@wailingwhale) Instagram Profile Photo wailingwhale

i'm constantly hungry

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A priceless gm post!! 💫 🐳 Tag a friend! 🐳 Follow me (@wailingwhale) for more funny posts;)))) ✨ ✨ ✨ #pun

Patches (@patch.way) Instagram Profile Photo patch.way


image by Patches (@patch.way) with caption : "The best!
#meme #pun #song #wow #lol #lmfao #lmao #haha #wtf #omfg #omg" - 1762519347324376434
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The best! #pun