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King Wayne (@jah_king89) Instagram Profile Photo jah_king89

King Wayne

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I fucking hate police, I swear. brutality

A Glimpse Of Paradise (@a_glimpseofparadise) Instagram Profile Photo a_glimpseofparadise

A Glimpse Of Paradise

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Blackman, we cannot tolerate our women and our girls being man-handled. . . #policebrutality

Joshua Callaghan (@joshjcal) Instagram Profile Photo joshjcal

Joshua Callaghan

image by Joshua Callaghan (@joshjcal) with caption : "When "Pin The Tail On The Donkey" goes wrong
#party #police #cops #children #policebrutality #guns #illustra" - 1763666746503358989
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When "Pin The Tail On The Donkey" goes wrong . . . . . . brutality

O'waka (@dionthelion) Instagram Profile Photo dionthelion


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《 ᏟᏞᎪႮᎠᏆϴ ᏟᎻᎪᎡᏞᎬՏ ՏᏟᎻΝᎬᏆᎠᎬᎡ 》 (@claudiocharlesschneider) Instagram Profile Photo claudiocharlesschneider


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So bad #PoliceBrutality. 😳😠

Nuru ZeKariyahh (Neil) (@nuruthepoet) Instagram Profile Photo nuruthepoet

Nuru ZeKariyahh (Neil)

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You can't tell me there weren't no men in the area that witnessed this. If you a man and you ever witnessed your black sistah getting disrespected and handled like a dog by police and you don't interfere as her protector than you are useless as a man and you don't deserve to live, period! . . . . . brutality

Worst Car Crashes (@worstcarcrashes) Instagram Profile Photo worstcarcrashes

Worst Car Crashes

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You cut off this old accountant lookin dude in your brand new wrx and he comes out and does this. What you gonna do?

🔴♠📗🤴🏾Davu SoSo Zulu🤴🏾🔴♠📗 (@davu_zulu) Instagram Profile Photo davu_zulu

🔴♠📗🤴🏾Davu SoSo Zulu🤴🏾🔴♠📗

Instagram Image by 🔴♠📗🤴🏾Davu SoSo Zulu🤴🏾🔴♠📗 (@davu_zulu) with caption : "So when America deny that they haven’t made money off black people and then hand the wealth down generations. I’m sure t" at Colorado Springs, Colorado - 1763607844157296191
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So when America deny that they haven’t made money off black people and then hand the wealth down generations. I’m sure the owners of this country club, oil fields and training facility will say otherwise. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• To read the 5 page investigation: •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

SOL 🌞 (@sol_da_) Instagram Profile Photo sol_da_


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To be this in high school is more than inspiring. Kudos to my little cousin, who isn’t so little anymore @vadimbafoly10 for being an human being. In my , I wasn’t discussing half of the social issues that he speaks up about. Such an amazing and a young man. Keep shining and walking in your purpose; As I’ve told you before, “you’re not even in your prime yet”. Your will only intimidate the weak, but it’s too bad because it’s only going up from here.❤️ #policebrutality

 (@silnsomatts) Instagram Profile Photo silnsomatts

image by @silnsomatts with caption : "Batman doesn't shoot 😵
FOLLOW @abookwithmemes 🔥
#batman #batmanmemes #policebrutality #memes #memesdaily .
."- 1763599259994483917
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Batman doesn't shoot 😵 FOLLOW @abookwithmemes 🔥 #policebrutality . . . . . . . . zerochill textposts coolvideos goodmemes relatablememes funnystuff viralmemes comedians funnyjokes funnyfails funnytexts instafunny funnystuff memeaccount funnypics comedy viralvideos funnyshit funnymemes funnypeople funnyvideos dailymemes jokes hilariousmemes funnyposts ==>Double Tap and Tag your friend

BLACKLIVESMATTER (@awokebinch) Instagram Profile Photo awokebinch


image by BLACKLIVESMATTER (@awokebinch) with caption : "Facts ☕☕☕☕☕ #feminism #feminist #girlpower #staywoke #blackmen #handsupdontshoot #stopracism #racist #nojusticenopeace #" - 1763597793112210631
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Facts ☕☕☕☕☕ #policebrutality

Jack small (@jacksmall62) Instagram Profile Photo jacksmall62

Jack small

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I love how they didn’t translate Goku Black’s name differently😂 brutality

Feminst (@feministhood) Instagram Profile Photo feministhood


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- #policebrutality