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image by TheEmotionalTypewriter (@the_emotional_typewriter) with caption : "#blog #blogger #writer #writers #writing #writings #writersofig #writersofindia #indianwriters #poetsofinstagram #poetso" - 1722559155925142845
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image by _blue💙 (@_high_as_blue_) with caption : "Follow and support @_high_as_blue_ if you like what you read💙

#life #love #death #live #letlive #he #she #play #hide #s" - 1722559142973164135
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Follow and support @_high_as_blue_ if you like what you read💙 ofinstagram

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image by rex (@rex.films) with caption : "Dang

#writersnetwork #poetsofinstagram #poetry #untwineme #writersofinstagram #poem #art #poetrycommunity #poetsofig #w" - 1718592621138677587
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Dang #poetsofinstagram ❤️ ( Instagram Profile Photo ❤️

image by ❤️ ( with caption : "Lying in the grass looking up at the trees, thinking about how Summer is nearly over, how I want to hold on and I’m not " - 1722559107178730208
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Lying in the grass looking up at the trees, thinking about how Summer is nearly over, how I want to hold on and I’m not ready for the seasons to change. Missing the sun, the sand, the beach, my tan... but most of all I’ll miss the memory of what was, which is silly because you can’t lose a memory. With Autumn, blue skies will turn grey and cloudy, hot days in the sun will be replaced by cold wind and staying indoors and pretty summer dresses will be replaced with sweaters. It’s futile really, trying to hold onto the past. What was, will always have been, what is coming, will always come, and sometimes, the world will turn full circle and we will be taken right back to familiarity, a place we have been before. No matter how we resist, the seasons will change and bring uncertainty, we can either respond with resistance and fear; or allow what will be to be and meet it with peace and anticipation. Change is necessary, and painfully beautiful in a way that only change can be, we always have a choice, and it is those choices that make up who we are and the path we walk. Summer is beautiful, but Autumn brings its own light, different does not always mean bad and change is sometimes necessary. There will be time for reflection, in the puddles left on the pavement after a storm or when the raindrops fall on your face and stick in your lashes. The leaves will crumple and fall, there is a strange mystery in death, making way for the future to bloom and bring with it new life and as always, at the end of it all, no matter where in the cycle of life we find ourselves, we will be right where we are meant to be, and it will be okay. ~ I’m not sure, but at some point I think I stopped talking about the weather ~ sofinstagram /❤️🌟 photo credit to @stephanierosephotography

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Shantelle Bron

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Took a hiatus but I’m back 🖊 this one is called “Sometimes” sofinstagram

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