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Sarah Cuthbertson 🏇🏾🇨🇦 (@esrr_sarah) Instagram Profile Photo esrr_sarah

Sarah Cuthbertson 🏇🏾🇨🇦


Instagram Image by Sarah Cuthbertson 🏇🏾🇨🇦 (@esrr_sarah) with caption : "Getting some love from the boys today. Spike and Bentley just were attention hogs out in the pasture demanding lots of s" at Everett, Ontario - 1717674214936022856
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Getting some love from the boys today. Spike and Bentley just were attention hogs out in the pasture demanding lots of snuggles. Bentley also threw down a damn fine dressage lesson today with our first proper collection and extension at the canter including beautiful transitions between them. I was so impressed with him! Even though he used all that hind end power for a frisky buck now and then! Wheee! Thanks Karen! 🐴🏇🏾😍 #lesson

English is a piece of 🍰 (@english4yall) Instagram Profile Photo english4yall

English is a piece of 🍰


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FUSSY (adjective) 🇨🇴 Meticuloso o quisquilloso. ❓What are you normally fussy about? Comment below ⬇ . . . . . . #lesson

 (@sillysillygoon) Instagram Profile Photo sillysillygoon


image by @sillysillygoon with caption : "now that’s a genius  #turkey #monkey #turtle #turtles #monkeys #school #schools #meme #memes #funny #cute #lol #haha #le"- 1717672261597339415
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now that’s a genius #lesson

Mühendisler Online (@muhendisleronline) Instagram Profile Photo muhendisleronline

Mühendisler Online

image by Mühendisler Online (@muhendisleronline) with caption : "İnşaat mühendisleri severse
#mühendis #engineer #like #love #happy #day #the #goal #sun #work #mühendislik #mühendisler " - 1717671782464400314
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İnşaat mühendisleri severse #lesson

kpssciyiz_biz (@kpssciyiz_biz) Instagram Profile Photo kpssciyiz_biz


Instagram Image by kpssciyiz_biz (@kpssciyiz_biz) with caption : "Küçük bir hatırlatma ;) 🌝✔🌝✔🌝✔

#kpsshazırlık #kpss2018hazırlık #2018kpss #kpss2018 #türkiye #coğrafya #" at İzmir Province - 1717671596313032781
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Küçük bir hatırlatma ;) 🌝✔🌝✔🌝✔ - - - - - - - - #lesson

Functional Patterns Minnesota (@functionalpatterns_minnesota) Instagram Profile Photo functionalpatterns_minnesota

Functional Patterns Minnesota

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WIM HOF BREATHING RepostBy @iceman_hof: "This beautiful little snippet created by @the_renegade_pharmacist explains what happens one hour after practicing the Wim Hof Method, to reiterate: After the first 30-60 seconds, your body is supplied with oxygen. A still breath leads to a still mind, and - in turn - to inner peace after 1-3 minutes while simultaneously giving you an energy rush from the 2-minute mark. Feeling good? By repeating the process for at least 20 minutes, you get the most optimal results. After 20 minutes it is finally time for a cold shower! 30 Minutes in, your vagus nerve is activated. Expect many long-term health benefits when you practice regularly. Good luck! X - Wim Edit: @patriciaistoc #lesson "