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スノークのお嬢さん達 (@snorkmaidens703) Instagram Profile Photo snorkmaidens703



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. . 2017.10.27 カメラレンズを獲物だと思っている。 最後私の指を間違えて噛んじゃって、あ!って顔。 来た当初、フローレンの鼻の頭、傷跡あったの。 猫風邪で鼻ピーピー鳴るし拭いても拭いても目やにが出てたね。 . #kittylove

Cats of Instagram (@catsofinstegram) Instagram Profile Photo catsofinstegram

Cats of Instagram


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👉🏻Tag your friend 👤 who will love this is video 😍 👉🏻follow:@catsofinstegram Credit:lydia_kim_likes

Andrea (@andrea_mazie) Instagram Profile Photo andrea_mazie



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This weekend was a bit rough for little Charlie... starting Friday night he started to become a bit lethargic, he wasn’t eating as much as he normally does, and he just seemed a bit off. We kept a close eye on him and I gave him extra love and attention. I had to keep putting his food in front of him so that he would eat a little bit. The next morning he was getting more lethargic, hardly ate throughout the night, and his eyes were puffy and one was halfway shut (next photo). I immediately contacted the shelter and took him in to see the vet. During these early stages in orphan kittens lives you have to take quick action when they show signs of being sick. I was there for a few hours and I was told that he had a fever, they knew he was pretty sick, but they couldn’t quite figure out what it exactly was. They gave me a bag full of stuff to take home to treat his symptoms and go from there. They gave me antibiotics, pain meds, and several syringes to do subQ fluids (injecting fluids under the skin to keep kitten hydrated). A couple hours after bringing him home we could already see a difference. His energy started coming back, he was eating more, his eyes brightened up (last video shows this)... a few hours after that he was bouncing around and playing again. The treatment seems to be working and I’ll be taking him back to the vet tomorrow afternoon for a checkup. 🐾💜🐾 #kittylove

👑Miss Sofi (@miss_soficat) Instagram Profile Photo miss_soficat

👑Miss Sofi

Instagram Image by 👑Miss Sofi (@miss_soficat) with caption : "#cat #cats #catsofinstagram #instacat #instagramanet #instatag #catstagram  #catlover #catoftheday #catlove #cats_of_ins" at Norilsk - 1718222926316519785
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KittenGram (@kittengram75) Instagram Profile Photo kittengram75


image by KittenGram (@kittengram75) with caption : "Follow @kittengram75 For More Picture

#kitties #catselfie #topcatphoto #cutecat #meow #catsoninstagram #catlady #catlov" - 1718222461605945923
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Follow @kittengram75 For More Picture love 🐱

Ema The Cat / La Gata Ema (@lagataema) Instagram Profile Photo lagataema

Ema The Cat / La Gata Ema

image by Ema The Cat / La Gata Ema (@lagataema) with caption : "Monday Mood 
#cat #fluffycat #catloversclub #we_love_cats #instacats #club_of_cats #topcatphoto #catsofinstagram #cutepe" - 1718222423815098152
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Monday Mood love