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S I L I K A Contortion Toronto (@silika_serpentine) Instagram Profile Photo silika_serpentine

S I L I K A Contortion Toronto


Instagram Image by S I L I K A Contortion Toronto (@silika_serpentine) with caption : "■ITS HAPPENING■ 
Handstand canes and contortion table undereway! 
#contortioneverydamnday #silika #silikacontortion #sil" at Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - 1720370689986136765
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■ITS HAPPENING■ Handstand canes and contortion table undereway! .m.s.yogastudio #handstandcanes

Anneh (@crush.climbing) Instagram Profile Photo crush.climbing



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Starting out with #handstandcanes, day 1! @kimberscanes is posting challenges @fitnessbyerin @upsidedownmama @tditty2 @dontmesswithganesh

K̶ A̶ I̶ N̶ 🛡 (@pure.kain) Instagram Profile Photo pure.kain

K̶ A̶ I̶ N̶ 🛡


SWEAT Walsall Report Share Download 2 70

⏳ Static hold handbalance practice . . canes @sweatunion

Scott Laffey (@maquina_gold_coast) Instagram Profile Photo maquina_gold_coast

Scott Laffey

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The first of a lifetime of dady daughter workouts. My beautiful little Adeline. . . . canes @gymnasticbodies_australia @gymnasticbodies @awaken_gym @calibodyrus @bodyweightmasters @calisthenicscommunity

Victoria (@vikaiyoga) Instagram Profile Photo vikaiyoga


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🌺Day 1🌺 @kimberscanes with @get_repost ・・・ Announcing another challenge by @kimberscanes 🎉 This go-around, the idea is to build up to confidence, because the biggest obstacle in learning to take your handstand game to a set of canes is overcoming the trepidation. This challenge will last for 7 days, with several hosts taking turns to bring you creative ways to get some time in on your canes without the pressure of inverting 🙌 The challenge will run from February 22 to February 28, so check in with @kimberscanes each day to see what each days activity is. You do not need to have a set of s to participate, though the focus is going to be practicing your skills off the ground, so a set of canes will make it a lot simpler! This challenge will have two winners chosen on the basis of participation, with the prizes sponsored by @kimberscanes and the always awesome @dontmesswithganesh 🎉 To be eligible for prizes, repost this flyer, follow all of the hosts and sponsors and tag them in each of your posts, use the challenge hashtag in your posts, and make sure to post a picture or video of yourself participating in each day's challenge! And if this challenge doesn't sound like it's going to be spicy enough for you, just consider it a warm-up for next month, where the next challenge WILL focus on the angle of handstand canes 😜

John Howard Ricks Jr (@earthbornskybound) Instagram Profile Photo earthbornskybound

John Howard Ricks Jr

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Fly free, with mighty wings, you're soaring through eternity. canes