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Marci Lannister (@marci_lannister) Instagram Profile Photo marci_lannister

Marci Lannister


image by Marci Lannister (@marci_lannister) with caption : "Haha ist echt si!😂😂 #gastronomie #gastronomy #gastro #gastroliebe" - 1737723294867697691
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Haha ist echt si!😂😂 nomy

Llambrion (@juliollambrion) Instagram Profile Photo juliollambrion



image by Llambrion (@juliollambrion) with caption : "Barrio Húmedo de León
#LeonEsp #BarrioHumedo #Gastronomia #gastronomy #Turismo #Travel" - 1737723265499162866
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Barrio Húmedo de León #gastronomy

Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao (@neruaguggenheimbilbao) Instagram Profile Photo neruaguggenheimbilbao

Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao


Instagram Image by Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao (@neruaguggenheimbilbao) with caption : "Torneando minialcachofas 🤓

#nerua #joseanalija #cocina #gastronomía #gastronomy #cuisine #food #foodie #producto #tempo" at Nerua Guggenheim Bilbao - 1737722828847258814
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Torneando minialcachofas 🤓 #gastronomy

Ng-Yan (@ng.dino) Instagram Profile Photo ng.dino


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#gastronomy A good challenge with beef tongue! It took me three days to finish it. First, Brined to overnight (2.5%salt+sugar). Second, simmered in braising liquid (star anise +dried orange skin and so on) for about 1 hour then cooling in the liquid for overnight. Third, sous vide with little liquid for 12 hours. Then put in ice water, easy to peel the tough skin, portion then finished on the hot pan. The result is amazing! Still keep the nice shape and juicy but very easy to cut like butter , and tons of the favor! Slow cooked beef tongue, cauliflower and spring onions purée, blistered asparagus and grilled cauliflower, braised liquid and Madeira reduction sauce.

Elliot Hill (@elliothill33) Instagram Profile Photo elliothill33

Elliot Hill

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Coronation chicken

Savouronslafrance (@savouronslafrance) Instagram Profile Photo savouronslafrance


Instagram Image by Savouronslafrance (@savouronslafrance) with caption : "Les huîtres du dimanche midi, une tradition en Bretagne !

Sunday lunch Oysters !

#france #bretagne #roscoff #huitres #" at Brasserie Les Alizes - 1737721600276759715
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Les huîtres du dimanche midi, une tradition en Bretagne ! Sunday lunch Oysters ! #gastronomy