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KIIINGXXXPLICIT (@greatestrapperalive206) Instagram Profile Photo greatestrapperalive206


image by KIIINGXXXPLICIT (@greatestrapperalive206) with caption : "The Truth Flexing Straight StuntinG!" - 1722866221038594339
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The Truth Flexing Straight StuntinG!

Sarah S (@fit_and_dedicated) Instagram Profile Photo fit_and_dedicated

Sarah S

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Had such a killer leg workout this afternoon. Worked out at a new gym, pumped up with pre workout, I knew that Trader Joe’s was on the agenda post workout ✌🏼🙌🏼🌸 Such an amazing feeling to just crush a workout and barely be able to walk out of the gym. This gym kept their temperature higher (than the normal freezing) so sweat my booty off and loved every moment of it! In and out in an hour and then I was off to grocery shop, and go downtown to have some fun adventures with my love! Now that I’m home attempting to study... Here are some of the movements from today’s leg day 🍑↙️ 1. Side to side box jumps + squat box jumps with the bands are great for a quad and glute burnout. I don’t jump down from the squats because it is a lot of pressure on my knees and not beneficial for the movement. I love to add in some fun plyos between sets to increase my heart rate a bit and really burn out my quads and glutes. I don’t do this between every set or even every day but it’s a fun way to mix it up. 2. Smith machine handed deep squats, most important thing is to keep chest up, core tight, and SQUEEZE the peach! With smith machine squats especially make sure to keep your weight on your heels, even lift your toes a bit if you have to. The band helps to keep tension around the knees and isolate the glute muscles when you come up and squeeze. 3. Handed squat side steps. This is another warm up movement I use to engage the glutes. Stepping side to side will activate both sides of the abductors and help engage the glutes BEFORE compounds. 4. This was kinda a failure in my opinion. I tried to do sumo deadlifts with my toes elevated to get a bit deeper but I didn’t feel like it enhanced the movement too much. I’ll probs just stick to regular sumos from here on out wishing I had Olympic plates ✌🏼 @gymgirlvids @workoutroutine @gymgirlvids

🔥Tha Phoenix🔥™️ (@lestwinson_nyc) Instagram Profile Photo lestwinson_nyc

🔥Tha Phoenix🔥™️

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Give me a canvass and watch me use my brush! 💀Ima paint the picture for you! 💯 RESPECT THE /G\ CODE...... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #flexing @lestwinson @lestwinson

Destiny Antuna (@destined4fit) Instagram Profile Photo destined4fit

Destiny Antuna

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Flexin Sunday💪🏽mini upper body day . . #flexing

Noy (@noy_segev) Instagram Profile Photo noy_segev


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Built,Not Bought. Hustle,Not Handed. Earned,Not Given. You can either stay average or become GREAT 💪🏼 🥇 🥈 🥉 #flexing

Brandon Wilson ☆ (@bwilz50) Instagram Profile Photo bwilz50

Brandon Wilson ☆

image by Brandon Wilson ☆ (@bwilz50) with caption : "Flexing 2... 💈🔥✂️ #bwilz #barberlife #blinecutz #barbershopconnect#clevelandbarbers #skills#nastybarbers#faded#fire #Urb" - 1722871675253170129
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Flexing 2... 💈🔥✂️ #flexing