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One Hundred Lost Shots (@100lostshots) Instagram Profile Photo 100lostshots

One Hundred Lost Shots

Instagram Image by One Hundred Lost Shots (@100lostshots) with caption : "Spring light on the Cliffs Of Dover
#landscapephotography #blackandwhitephoto  #dramaticlight #backinengland #high" at Dover, Kent - 1784668310539741732
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Spring light on the Cliffs Of Dover . . . #cliffsofdover

Fallbrook Kid/Young Buck (@anthony.cullins) Instagram Profile Photo anthony.cullins

Fallbrook Kid/Young Buck

Dallas International Guitar Festival Report Share Download 0 81

"E R I C J O H N S O N" @officialericjohnson @dallasigf #CliffsofDover

Allen (@schleiereule_x) Instagram Profile Photo schleiereule_x


image by Allen (@schleiereule_x) with caption : "#ericjohnson #tonemiester 
#chameleon of styles! 🎸🎶🔊
#rock #blues #jazz 
#cliffsofdover #trademark 
#zenland #manhattan " - 1784607871028451744
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of styles! 🎸🎶🔊 #cliffsofdover @officialericjohnson 💯🎶🎸

Bondi (@bondi_james_) Instagram Profile Photo bondi_james_


Joe's Garage Bar Report Share Download 3 54

Eric Johnson’s Cliffs Of Dover from ACL ‘88, live at Joe’s Garage. That tone’s getting closer! There was no time to do a sound check because I was being rushed, but next time I’ll make sure it’s loud enough to hear clearly over the background sounds of the bar. . . . . #cliffsofdover

Tom Middlemas (@middlemas94) Instagram Profile Photo middlemas94

Tom Middlemas

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Not the cleanest but it’ll do! #cliffsofdover

Catherine Noland (@traveling_can) Instagram Profile Photo traveling_can

Catherine Noland

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Adventures in England! Miles and miles of hiking yesterday on the Cliffs of Dover including the zigzag trail down the cliffside. (I’m proud of myself for actually hiking the edge trails even though I’m afraid of heights because my kids wanted to do it. Helps that they are all big now and good hikers.) But my favorite part was having tea at the Lighthouse which is a long hike away from town. A real tea overlooking the Channel - how cool is that! Quite the fun outing with tube, bus, and train travel involved. I do love their public transit system. Today we enjoyed one of my all time favorite museums - The British Museum. Such an amazing collection. But I’m almost as fond of the British Library where we went next. It was fun seeing how interested my gang was to see all the historical treasures there that they knew about - the Magna Carta, a Gutenberg Bible, hand written letters of Elizabeth I, or Shakespeare, or Ian Fleming, Karl Marx, Shelley, and so many more. Plus the King’s Library Tower, or even the amazing stamp collection just tucked into the hallway near the cafe. I could spend hours there... but then we all got hungry. The fun of renting a flat is grocery shopping. Besides being so much less expensive, it’s more fun to explore British groceries. Tonight we were tired and hungry so we decided on an easy dinner of pizzas but we did pick up lots of fun baked goods to try out like raspberry crowns and mini toffee yum yums and a new favorite - iced fingers (that honestly look like hot dog buns covered in fondant frosting.). We’ve also sampled lots of chocolate bars because of course chocolate and lots of seltzers and juices. We always seem to have favorites from our travels that we reminisce about. Apple tea in Turkey or the juices in South Africa or lamingtons from Australia. Or sometimes we have arguments - like about green cream soda from South Africa (awful if you ask me 🤣). Anyone else still argue about trip foods or memories? #cliffsofdover

viglio7 (@viglio7) Instagram Profile Photo viglio7


Instagram Image by viglio7 (@viglio7) with caption : "#cliffsofdover#cliff#dover#uk#england#seascape#path#south#springtime#doverwhite#whitecliffs#trip#discoveringengland#inst" at White Cliffs of Dover - 1784195949877172753
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Dawn Brown (@sterling_scripts) Instagram Profile Photo sterling_scripts

Dawn Brown

image by Dawn Brown (@sterling_scripts) with caption : " #script #screenplay #film #shortfilm #movie #book #novel #truestory #history #female #aviatrix #a" - 1784103370614941571
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Ivana Martinovic (@lost.creative) Instagram Profile Photo lost.creative

Ivana Martinovic

Instagram Image by Ivana Martinovic (@lost.creative) with caption : "To the port" at White Cliffs of Dover - 1784062111891114730
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To the port

Nikki Forova (@nikkiforovamusic) Instagram Profile Photo nikkiforovamusic

Nikki Forova

image by Nikki Forova (@nikkiforovamusic) with caption : "Discovered Cliffs of Dover today... chalk mountains that reflect the light and contribute to striking contrast in scener" - 1783670069325132480
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Discovered Cliffs of Dover today... chalk mountains that reflect the light and contribute to striking contrast in scenery. Such an eye magnet. ofdover

 (@lisehebda) Instagram Profile Photo lisehebda

image by @lisehebda with caption : "Cliffs are busy today 😂
#journey#sunday#lazyday#warmday#beach#ocean#cliffs#cliffsofdover#cliffside#friendstime#rockybeac"- 1783567260053908219
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Cliffs are busy today 😂 ofdover

Ashlea (@ashleathoughts) Instagram Profile Photo ashleathoughts


Instagram Image by Ashlea (@ashleathoughts) with caption : "Cliffs of Dover with @liamcromby 🖤 #dover #cliffsofdover #whitecliffs #laugh #laughter #blueskies #ocean #englishchannel" at White Cliffs of Dover - 1783554840694119578
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Cliffs of Dover with @liamcromby 🖤 #cliffsofdover

Adam Gray (@adamgraydronestagram) Instagram Profile Photo adamgraydronestagram

Adam Gray

Instagram Image by Adam Gray (@adamgraydronestagram) with caption : "#dover #cliffs #cliffsofdover #blue #white #sea #grass #dronestagram #dronephotography #droneporn #droneoftheday #drones" at White Cliffs of Dover - 1783335769847584471
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