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Deborah Jaffe Photography (@deborahjaffe) Instagram Profile Photo deborahjaffe

Deborah Jaffe Photography


Instagram Image by Deborah Jaffe Photography (@deborahjaffe) with caption : "#Repost @thejamesmichaelcausey
・・・Listen to our show this morning on Get Up! WOWD  #danielellsberg sberg speaks with @th" at Takoma Radio - 1718146458449880544
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@thejamesmichaelcausey ・・・Listen to our show this morning on Get Up! WOWD sberg speaks with @thejamesmichaelcausey about leaking the Pentagon Papers, the new movie @thepostmovie , the threat of nuclear war, and @xychelsea87 (Chelsea Manning’s) run for senate in Maryland. 94.3 FM livestream worldwide at

Chloé Rossetti (@chloerossetti) Instagram Profile Photo chloerossetti

Chloé Rossetti


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@laurieandersonofficial’s special guest was @xychelsea87 #chelseamanning (!). I was so floored at the level of her humility, and her candor about her experiences in prison, adjusting to this new regime, and becoming, spiritually and legally, a person again, after seven years in military prison including one year of solitary confinement. So moving. 🌱💚🌱 -

Don Forringer (@donforringer) Instagram Profile Photo donforringer

Don Forringer


Instagram Image by Don Forringer (@donforringer) with caption : "Chelsea Manning at Laurie Anderson show.  #laurieanderson #thingsilostintheflood #chelseamanning" at The Town Hall - 1715762981064121837
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Chelsea Manning at Laurie Anderson show. #chelseamanning

Sachyn (@sachynmital) Instagram Profile Photo sachynmital


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Laurie Anderson talked about her new book, 'All I Lost In The Flood', about her art and Hurricane Sandy and invited Chelsea Manning to speak briefly earlier tonight at . Her incredible album with the @kronos_quartet is out now. And I pass by the Lou Reed mural on the 2nd Ave line to get to Town Hall. . . #chelseamanning

Lori Grinker (@lgrinker) Instagram Profile Photo lgrinker

Lori Grinker

image by Lori Grinker (@lgrinker) with caption : "#ChelseaManning #laurieanderson #townhall" - 1715734423640598674
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Theodora (@theodorasinziana) Instagram Profile Photo theodorasinziana


Instagram Image by Theodora (@theodorasinziana) with caption : "Many faces, same DNA

#transmediale2018 #3dprint #identityconstruction #chelseamanning #dna" at Haus der Kulturen der Welt - 1715473199503193394
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Many faces, same DNA #chelseamanning