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Doug (@dougpelt) Instagram Profile Photo dougpelt


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Collab rehearsal with the Calvin Wind Ensemble during HS band class, then they led worship with the MS students. Fantastic group blessing our students! | | #calvincollege @calvincollege

Wendell Kimbrough (@wendellkbro) Instagram Profile Photo wendellkbro

Wendell Kimbrough

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Got to lead chapel and have lunch with these brilliant musicians today at #CalvinCollege. I want to be like them when I grow up. 😁

Hayoung Kim ♤ 김하영 (@hayounggkimm) Instagram Profile Photo hayounggkimm

Hayoung Kim ♤ 김하영

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RANGEELA 2018 YOURS.MINE.OURS KOREAN ACT tonight @cfac . . . . #calvincollege

Eugene Kwon (@eugkwon2) Instagram Profile Photo eugkwon2

Eugene Kwon

Instagram Image by Eugene Kwon (@eugkwon2) with caption : "다사다난했다... Goodbye Grand Rapids hope i never see you again. 
#farewell #koreabound #seeyounever #fuck #calvincollege" at Chicago O'Hare International Airport - 1720503450971952460
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다사다난했다... Goodbye Grand Rapids hope i never see you again. #calvincollege

Teachspin Inc (@teachspininc) Instagram Profile Photo teachspininc

Teachspin Inc

image by Teachspin Inc (@teachspininc) with caption : "#fouriermethods  Buffalo State College, July 9–11, 2018 (One or two set-ups available)

The #Fourier transform is a comm" - 1719847629876887574
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Buffalo State College, July 9–11, 2018 (One or two set-ups available) The transform is a commonly-used tool in mathematical physics, but Fourier analysis has now become a real-time diagnostic capability in experimental physics as well. Fourier Methods is a collection of hands-on electronic skills, and patterns of thinking, which can be used to understand the information content of signals in physics, engineering, communication, and beyond. This Immersion will develop those skills, using a combination of a Fourier-analyzer instrument (Stanford Research Systems SR770), a package of TeachSpin electronic modules, and some hardware experiments to perform and analyze. (see Participants will experience the time-domain and frequency-domain views of various signals, ranging from simple to complex—including chaotic and noise waveforms. They will also learn the metrology of signals, and noise, in the frequency domain; the Fourier picture of recovery of weak sinusoidal signals immersed in noise will illuminate why lock-in detection works, and will also illustrate the meaning of the unit V/√Hz. Participants will acquire skills using the TeachSpin curriculum, and apply them to experiments in acoustic resonance, , or Participants may bring a laptop, and are welcome (but not required) to bring along a favorite or familiar oscilloscope; the rest of the necessary equipment will be on hand. Costs of the experiment: to replicate it as it will be used in the Immersion would cost $8k. Some, even many, of its ideas can be replicated at much lower cost, given a digital oscilloscope with FFT capability; of course, that way, lots of objects and systems would have to be improvised. Host and Mentor: David Van Baak is Professor Emeritus of Physics at Calvin College. His academic career included teaching and developing in the advanced-lab at #calvincollege from 1980 through 2014; and since 2005 it has included collaborations with once 2014 he has been full time at Teachspin. The Fourier transform no longer belongs just to theorists! The fast-Fourier

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Gabe Gonzaga

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The “I’m gonna teach with the lyrics ‘BE-FORE-I bfbforiwuqbvfngotrjbwbkfir OH OH aoejrbfbsowoiwiwjrbtbfkvworjbd WOW..... okay! 5-6-7-8” song . . . .full performance link in bio #calvincollege