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 (@sein_of_the_bat) Instagram Profile Photo sein_of_the_bat


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Larry David and other members of Seinfeld's production staff often named characters after someone that they knew. One example of this was "Crazy" Joe Davola, a recurring character of the fourth season. He was named for Joe Davola, a producer who has worked on scores of TV series and specials. The real Davola served as an executive producer on almost every episode of Smallville as well as the pilot episode of Birds of Prey. #birdsofprey

Luke (@uk_falconer) Instagram Profile Photo uk_falconer



Instagram Image by Luke (@uk_falconer) with caption : "Bath time with the coolest Harris Hawk in the world. Cash has had a busy week, giving him some downtime today.
#raptor #" at High Crompton - 1722636284563146667
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Bath time with the coolest Harris Hawk in the world. Cash has had a busy week, giving him some downtime today. #birdsofprey

Amy Lilley (@amylikesjack) Instagram Profile Photo amylikesjack

Amy Lilley


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With the lake freezing over (for the most), the Eagles can sit out there for hours waiting for fish or as we have seen, ducks, possibly already weak from the winter❄️❄️❄️yesterday❄️ ofprey @sonyimages

JoJo (@aimee.jojo) Instagram Profile Photo aimee.jojo


image by JoJo (@aimee.jojo) with caption : "bald geht es in die Freiheit... 😊
#schleiereule #barnowl #tytoalba #eule #owl #greifvogel #birdsofprey #falkner #falk" - 1722635759310356272
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bald geht es in die Freiheit... 😊 . #birdsofprey

Shauna Lee (@shaunalobrien) Instagram Profile Photo shaunalobrien

Shauna Lee

Carpenter St. Croix Valley Nature Center Report Share Download 1 1

Masters of the Sky event at the Carpenter Nature Center wowed us with a group of gorgeous, powerful, vital predator birds. I loved this vulture. Second photo is a bateleur eagle from Africa. We also saw an: aplomado falcon, peregrine falcon, barn owl, great horned owl, red-tailed hawk, swainson hawk, & a macaw. This is a yearly event so watch for it! Presented by World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis.

Hilary Bralove (@hilarybralove) Instagram Profile Photo hilarybralove

Hilary Bralove

image by Hilary Bralove (@hilarybralove) with caption : "Stuck the landing!! #wildlife #wildlifephotography #wild #nature #naturephotography #naturephotographer #eagles #baldeag" - 1722634391304065657
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Stuck the landing!! ofprey