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Otniel Palma (@otnielpalma) Instagram Profile Photo otnielpalma

Otniel Palma

image by Otniel Palma (@otnielpalma) with caption : "Perfect! We look perfect! I love you #assemblyhall #circuitassembly  #domincanrepublic #asambleacircuito #jw" - 1718645027985913425
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Perfect! We look perfect! I love you #assemblyhall

Bert (½ of BerTrini) (@brightpledge85) Instagram Profile Photo brightpledge85

Bert (½ of BerTrini)

image by Bert (½ of BerTrini) (@brightpledge85) with caption : "Assembly remnants. We borrowed #TheBoy 
#JW" - 1718568160453450083
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Assembly remnants. We borrowed #AssemblyHall

J Webster-Activist page (@jw_wake_up_call) Instagram Profile Photo jw_wake_up_call

J Webster-Activist page

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This is too much. If you are either an active or former Jehovah's Witness who has experienced the trauma of being shunned, please seek out support. There are several support groups on Facebook as well as Reddit. Many are joining on a daily basis. We are here to support each other! #assemblyhall

Diego Eric (@dieric_pic) Instagram Profile Photo dieric_pic

Diego Eric

Instagram Image by Diego Eric (@dieric_pic) with caption : "Paraíso... Tanto espiritual como físico! #assemblyhall #paradise #creation #garden" at Salão de Assembléias da Grande Belo Horizonte - 1718385962957903751
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Paraíso... Tanto espiritual como físico! #assemblyhall

The Good Son (@thegoodson_to) Instagram Profile Photo thegoodson_to

The Good Son

Instagram Image by The Good Son (@thegoodson_to) with caption : "Make sure to stop by #TheGoodSonPIZZA at @eatassembly! 🍕" at The Good Son Pizza - 1718318066217810027
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Make sure to stop by at @eatassembly! 🍕

 (@baliana34) Instagram Profile Photo baliana34

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